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Forces by Mind Map: Forces
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"Forces" is a 2002 single by The Concretes. The song would later appear on the 2004 Say Something New release as well as the 2005 Layourbattleaxedown compilation.


a push or a pull

allows an object to move from one place to another

many things we do involve force

we cannot see forces

only see & feel their effects


objects move when a force is applied

greater force= longer distance & faster speed

Force starts and stops an object from moving

change direction

change shape

change speed


makes our lives easier

identify types of forces

how forces affect our daily lives


Elastic Spring

found in..., clothes peg, stapler, battery holder, pens, spring mattress

examples of obj, springs, rubber bands, bungee chords, spring balance, measure force neede to pull objects across table

what?, materials/obj that change shape when force is applied, returns to original shape when force is removed, But there is a limit

how?, pull, stretches, larger force = longer stretch, smaller force = shorter stretch, push, compress


what?, pulls everything down to earth, force that acts at a distance

water flows downwards

effects?, increases speed when going downslope, makes things in the air fall down, BUT!, further obj from earth = lesser pull of gravity, WEIGHT, all obj on earth has weight, gravitational force between object and Earth

uses?, refrigerator doors, magnetic buttons, 'MagLev' trains

what?, force that acts at a distance, pushing and pulling actions of magnets


effects?, attracts magnetic materials


what?, when 2 surfaces rub together, opposes motion, acts opposite of direction of moving obj, produces heat

pros, grip, tyres, shoes, more friction-more grip & less slippery, less friction-more slippery

cons, obj move slowly, overheat, wear out

solutions, lubricants, rollers & wheels, ball bearings, hovercrafts, air cushion

when else is friction useful/useless?

Effects of forces

obj starts moving



change direction

stop moving

obj changes shape