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1. Reading

1.1. At home

1.1.1. On the web Alazne and Juan Carlos Blog we read their blogs to understand the project in a good way Wikipedia we researched what a pechakucha is

1.1.2. Physically Class notes we readed our class notes

1.2. At the university

1.2.1. On the web Sakai (UM) each member of the group read the document that professor uploaded Matematika Saila Blog we read the activities that students had made

1.2.2. Physically class notes we had to read the instructions of the professor we read the slide show made by the professor

2. Writing- reflecting

2.1. At home

2.1.1. On the web Wordreference and translator to translate from spanish into english to translate from euskera into spanish, due to the fact that the project was made in that language Gmail we had some doubts we decided to contact with them for asking

2.1.2. Physically class notes to reflect about the relationship between TPACK theory and the project Slides show to reflect about how " curriculum elements" were related to this project

2.2. At the university

2.2.1. On the web Twitter we contacted with them, read their twitts and ask them for help Group Blog we writte some information about our final activity each member of the group had a role

2.2.2. Physically Appointment we decided to met to organized the work we distributed the information in twenty slides we prepared a document to help us to make our oral exposition

3. Sharing

3.1. At home

3.1.1. On the web Gmail we shared information between the members of the group Tuenti and WhatsApp we used tuenti and whatsApp to met to work Knovio we were recorded again and we shared it with the rest of the world, because it is on the internet Twitter we share some information with the teachers of the project

3.2. At the university

3.2.1. On the web Youtube we shared our presentation with some members of our family while we were rehearsed

3.2.2. Physically Oral presentation we share our project with the rest of our classmates