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1. Discussion

1.1. Gives different points of view in order to make an informed decision

2. Factual text

2.1. Factual description

2.1.1. Describes a place or thing using facts

2.2. Factual recount

2.2.1. Retells events which have already happened in time order

2.3. Information report

2.3.1. Classifies, describes and gives factual information about people, animals, things pr phenomena

2.4. Procedure

2.4.1. Gives instructions on show to make or do something

3. Factual texts (continued)

3.1. Procedural recount

3.1.1. Tells something was made or done in time order and with accuracy

3.2. Explanation

3.2.1. Explains how or why something happens

4. Persuasive texts

4.1. Exposition

4.1.1. Tells a story using a series of events

5. Literary text

5.1. Literary description

5.1.1. Describes people, characters, places, events and things in an imaginative way

5.2. Literary recount

5.2.1. Retells events, from novels, playa, films and personal experiences to entertain others

5.3. Personal response

5.3.1. Gives a personal opinion on a novel, play or film, referring to parts within the passage

5.4. Review

5.4.1. Summarises, play or film, to a broader audience

5.5. Narrative

5.5.1. Gives reasons for a point of view to try and convince others of it