Theoretical Perspective

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Theoretical Perspective by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspective

1. Nativist

1.1. The Nativist perspective emphasizes inborn or innate human capabilities (i.e, Natrue) as being responsible for language developement (Otto, 2010).

1.2. Major Theorist - Chomsky.

1.2.1. Much of Chomsky work has involved identifying grammatical aspect of language and describing the rule system for using language.

1.3. Syntactic is the Aspect of language knowledge

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2. Cognitive Developmentalist

2.1. The emphasis of this perspective is that language is acquired as maturation occurs and cognitive competencies develop; it also proposes that a child learns language by using the same mechanisms as for other learning ( Otto, 2010).

2.2. Focus on Nature. Semantic and Morphemic are the Aspect of language knowledge

2.2.1. Major Theorist - Piaget

2.2.2. Piaget's Cognitive Development Stages

3. Behavorist

3.1. Considers learning to occur based on stimuli, responses, and reinforcements that occur in environment ( Otto, 2010).

3.1.1. Behavorist

3.2. Major Theorist - Skinner

3.3. Focus on Nurture. Semantic, Syntactic, and Morphemic are the Aspect of Language knowledge.

4. Interactionist

4.1. This perspective contends that children acquire language through their attempts to communicate with the world around them. This perspective contributes to our understanding of the ways in which children acquire pragmatic language knowledge (Otto, 2010).

4.2. Major Theorists: 1) Vygotsky 2) Bruner 3) Malliday

4.2.1. Focus on Nurture. Pragmatic is the Aspect of Language knowledge.

5. Summary of Theoretical Perspective on Language Acquisition (Otto, 2010)

5.1. Focus on Nature Vs. Nurtute

5.2. Focus on Aspect of Language Knowledge : Syntactic, Semantic, Morphemic, Pragmatic.

5.3. Major Theorist(s)