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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. What I thought before

1.1. According to me, technology was nothing but a mixture of machine and human to make humans day to day activities easier.

1.2. Devices

1.2.1. Smartphones

1.2.2. Camera

1.2.3. Computers

1.2.4. Watch

1.2.5. Transport

2. References

2.1. Greelish, D.(2013, April 2). An interview with Computing Pioneer Alan Kay. TIME.Com.

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3. Conclusion

3.1. Technology is more than just computers and software as it is everywhere and making human life easier in each and every aspect.

4. Technology I think now

4.1. new definition

4.1.1. Almost every day we use technology. We talk about technology. We get frustrated with, and by, technology. But what is technology? Is it limited to 'Smart' devices like our Smart Phones or laptops? Is it a car? Does it include one of the greatest technological advances of all time, fire? Or is it like Alan Kay says, "anything that wasn't around when you were born" (Greelish, 2013).

4.1.2. Origin Traditionally, technology was not the way we think of it now. Prior to 1930 "issues that historians now discuss in terms of technology were framed in such terms as useful arts, manufacturing, industry, invention, applied science, and the machine" (Schatzberg, 2006, p. 486). This makes it difficult to think of technology in historical terms because what we now see as technology, was not defined as such before the 1930s.

4.1.3. Kevin Kelly's Ted Talk "What is technology"

4.2. "technology has two primary components: 1) a physical component and 2) the informational component"(Kumar et al)

4.2.1. Physical Component Products tooling Equipments Blueprints Techniques and Processes

4.2.2. Informational Component Management Marketing Production Reliability Skilled labour Functional areas

5. How Things Changed

5.1. Transport

5.1.1. Before, people us to travel by foot

5.1.2. Now, they have cars , buses, trains etc. to travel much faster

5.2. Security

5.2.1. Earlier, the security was not very good

5.2.2. Today, security is very enhanced. For example, fingerprint locks, automatic locks and so on.

5.3. Phones

5.3.1. Before, phones were only capable of making phone calls

5.3.2. But, now there is each and everything in phones. For example, we can do payment from phone, cameras,