Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine

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Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine by Mind Map: Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine

1. Euro 2012 Final

1.1. Sun 1st July

1.1.1. Kiev - Winner 1 v Winner 2 20.45 CET Winner

2. Semi Finals

2.1. Wed 27th June

2.1.1. Donetsk - Game 1 Winner A v Winner C 20.45 CET

2.2. Thu 28th June

2.2.1. Warsaw - Game 2 Winner B v Winner D 20.45 CET

3. Quarter Finals

3.1. Thu 21st June Game A

3.1.1. Warsaw - 1st Group A v 2nd Group B 20.45 CET

3.2. Fri 22nd June Game B

3.2.1. Gdansk - 1st Group B v 2nd Group A 20.45 CET

3.3. Sat 23rd June Game C

3.3.1. Donetsk - 1st Group C v 2nd Group D 20.45 CET

3.4. Sun 24th June Game D

3.4.1. Kiev - 1st Group D v 2nd Group C 20.45 CET

4. Group stages

4.1. Group A

4.1.1. Teams Poland (POL) Greece (GRE) Russia (RUS) Czech Republic (CZE)

4.1.2. Matches Friday 8th June Russia v Czech Rep. 20:45 CET Poland v Greece 18.00 CET Tuesday 12th June Greece v Czech Rep. 18:00 CET Poland v Russia 20:45 CET Saturday 16th June Greece v Russia 20:45 Czech Rep. v Poland 20:45

4.2. Group B

4.2.1. Teams Netherlands (NED) Denmark (DEN) Germany (GER) Portugal (POR)

4.2.2. Matches Saturday 9th June Netherlands v Denmark 18:00 CET Germany v Portugal 20:45 CET Wednesday 13th June Denmark v Portugal 18:00 CET Netherlands v Germany 20:45 CET Sunday 17th June Denmark v Germany 20:45 CET Portugal v Netherlands 20:45 CET

4.3. Group C

4.3.1. Teams Croatia (CRO) Republic of Ireland (IRL) Italy (ITA) Spain (ESP)

4.3.2. Matches Sunday 10th June Spain v Italy 18:00 CET R. of Ireland v Croatia 20:45 CET Thursday 14th June Italy v Croatia 18:00 CET Spain v R. of Ireland 20:45 CET Monday 18th June Croatia v Spain 20:45 CET Italy v R. of Ireland 20:45 CET

4.4. Group D

4.4.1. Teams Ukraine (UKR) Sweden (SWE) France (FRA) England (ENG)

4.4.2. Matches Monday 11th June France v England 18:00 CET Ukraine v Sweden 20:45 CET Friday 15th June Ukraine v France 18:00 CET Sweden v England 20:45 CET Tuesday 19th June England v Ukraine 20:45 CET Sweden v France 20:45 CET