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The Caste System in India by Mind Map: The Caste System in India
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The Caste System in India

By Grace Finley

Caste System in Modern India

History of the transition from a caste system to modern day

How the old Caste System still affects people today

The Untouchables

Some people are trying to prevent violence against Dalits

The History of the Untouchables

Discrimination today against Dalits

Occupations in the Caste System

General Information

The 4 Varnas: Created by the Hindus

these castes are very general,  most people classified themselves into the sub-castes and clans  that they were part of. there are over 3,000 sub-castes in India.

Outside of the 4 Varnas

The Beginning of the Caste System

The Aryan nomadic warriors came into northern India

How the caste system prospered

The Hindus in the Caste System

Non-Hindus in the Caste System


Upper-class Christians