Jayde's Lesson Plans

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Jayde's Lesson Plans by Mind Map: Jayde's Lesson Plans

1. Podcast Lesson Plan: Grade 8 Health: Personal Development

1.1. Objectives

1.1.1. ICT Continuum G-1.2 gathers information from additional sources (student-identified) G-1.3 uses a variety of strategies for gathering information G-1.2 gathers information from additional sources (student-identified) G-3.3 organizes gathered information using student-developed strategies P-2.1 uses a given format to demonstrate learning R-1.2 independently reflects on learning and the learning process

1.1.2. Manitoba Grade 8 Health Curriculum Specific K.4.8.A.1 Examine the effects of stereotyping based on a variety of factors to promote acceptance of self and others (gender, age, race, roles, media influences, body type, sexual orientation, source of income...), and ways (e.g., set/review personal and group norms, standards...) K.4.8.A.2A Develop self- monitoring strategies (e.g., keep a journal, participate with a friend...) and criteria (e.g. believable, achievable, controllable, within time lines... ) in goal-setting for an individual and/or group goal K.4.8.A.2B Analyze how factors (e.g., family, peers, cultural beliefs, knowledge, personal qualities, scheduling, motivation level, degree of challenge, supports...) affect one’s planning and setting of goals K.4.8.A.3 Describe the social factors (e.g., self- esteem, interests, opinions, abilities, interpersonal skills...) that affect the decision-making/ problem-solving process in group situations

1.2. Prerequisites

1.2.1. Students will need to know how to use audacity and the internet archives.

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Sources ICT Continuum Kindergarten to Grade 8 Health Manitoba Curriculum Document

1.3.2. Materials Pen/Pencil Laptop/Desktop Smartboard My podcast Audacity Available to students Internet Archives Available to students

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. Method of Assessment/Evaluation Checklist

1.4.2. Goal The goal of this assignment is for students to have a better understanding on personal development and how to help others have a better understanding of how to grow their personal development

1.4.3. Method of Instruction Activate Listen to a small podcast on health and personal development Acquire Have students listen to my podcast, explaining the assignment. Hand out sheet with instructions and reviewed details on how to use audacity and how to upload their podcast onto the internet archives. Apply Have students start to make their script and then begin making their podcast.

1.4.4. Differentiation of Instruction I will have instructions written on the board and on my handout for students to have two visuals I will also speak clearly and facing my class so students with hearing disabilities can read my lips and see my mouth.

2. Videocast Lesson Plan: Grade 7 Science - Building a Popsicle Stick Structure

2.1. Objectives

2.1.1. ICT Continuum Q-1.2 constructs simple questions (e.g., who, what, when, where); makes predictions, hunches, educated guesses, and hypotheses P-1.2 participates in establishing criteria for own work P-2.1 uses a given format to demonstrate learning P-2.1 uses a given format to demonstrate learning R-1.2 independently reflects on learning and the learning process

2.1.2. Grade 7 Science Curriculum Specific Learning Outcomes 7-3-12 Use the design process to construct a structure that will withstand the application of an external force.

2.2. Prerequisites

2.2.1. Students need to know how to make videos on their laptops and how to upload them onto youtube for only me to see.

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Materials Laptop Popsicle Sticks Hot Glue Gun/White Glue/Hot Glue Sticks phone to record or laptop to record Access to Movie Maker Access to Youtube

2.3.2. Sources ICT Continuum Grade 7 Manitoba Science Curriculum Document

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Assessment/Evaluation Rubric/Checklist

2.4.2. Approach to Learning High Tech Student Centred Learning

2.4.3. Method of Instruction Activate Show the class the youtube video of me, explaining the assignment. Acquire Go over assignment details Hand out assignment handout Review how to make videos and upload them onto youtube Review good structures and tips for making them stay standing under outside forces. Apply Put students into groups of 3 Give them popsicle sticks and glue Have them start making their structures and video

3. Mapping Lesson Plan: Grade 3: Around the World

3.1. Objectives

3.1.1. ICT Continuum Q-2.1 follows a given plan for an inquiry G-1.1 gathers information from given source(s) (primary or secondary) P-2.1 uses a given format to demonstrate learning

3.1.2. Grade 3 Science Curriculum Outcomes 3-KL-015 Locate on a map or globe the continents and oceans. 3-KL-014 Locate on a map or globe the equator and the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

3.2. Prerequisites

3.2.1. Students must know how to use Google Maps and know where the Northern and Southern Hemisphere is.

3.3. Resources

3.3.1. Sources Grade 3 Social Studies Manitoba Curriculum Document ICT Continuum Youtube

3.3.2. Materials Laptop/Desktop Assignment Handout Pencil Eraser

3.4. Notes

3.4.1. Method of Assessment/Evaluation Assessment FOR Learning

3.4.2. Goal The goal of this lesson is for students to learn how they can use google maps to look up places around the world.

3.4.3. Method of Instruction Activate Watch a video on youtube about countries around the world. Acquire Handout the assignment sheet to the class and go over it together. Review how to use Google Maps Apply Go onto Google Maps, choose 3 continents. They will pick one country from each continent to find 3 interesting facts about. When students have chosen their countries, they create a pin drop for each and type in the name of their country and the 3 facts for each of the countries they chose. Finally, they will write whether or not their country is in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

3.4.4. Differentiation of Instruction Have all of the steps written on the whiteboard. Have instructions on a smart board for a larger visual.

4. Collaboration Lesson Plan: Designing an Inspirational and Motivational Student Lounge: Grade 8

4.1. Objectives

4.1.1. Learning Outcomes Art Outcomes 5-8 A-C3.1 •Revise, refine, and finalize own artworks on the basis of appropriate criteria 7-8 A-C3.5 •Demonstrate knowledge of and select appropriate settings and/or contexts in which to present own artworks and “artist statements” 5-8 A- C2.6 •Collaborate with others to develop and extend artmaking ideas ICT Outcomes G-2.2 •Identifies whether information is sufficient and/or suitable for purpose and audience G-3.2 •Organizes gathered information using co-developed strategies G-3.1 •Records data or makes notes on gathered information and ideas using given categories P-1.1 •Uses given criteria to produce work P-2.1 •Uses a given format to demonstrate learning

4.1.2. Objectives Collaboration In groups of 2 or 3 on mindmeister to create a mind map Communication They will communicate with each other about what they want on their mind map Creativity They will create the mind map and be marked on creativity. Ex. Did they use colour? Did they use emojis? etc. Critical Thinking They will be using critical thinking while they answer the questions on their mind map.

4.2. Prerequisites

4.2.1. There are no prerequisites for this lesson because this is the first time they have learned about mindmeister.

4.3. Resources

4.3.1. Materials Required Laptop Smartboard Printer

4.3.2. Sources Kindergarten to Grade 8 Creative Expression in Art Manitoba Curriculum Document ICT Continuum

4.4. Notes

4.4.1. Method of Instruction Instructional Methodology Activate Acquire Apply Adapt

4.4.2. Rubric They will print off their mind map and hand it in to be evaluated.

4.4.3. I did this lesson with grade 8 students in a 50 minute time slot. The next time I do this lesson, I would show them how to use mindmeister and then continue with the rest of the lesson on a different day.

4.4.4. Goal The goal is to ensure that the students can work collaboratively to use online resources to understand inspiration and motivation.