Character Attributes, Skills and Traits

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Character Attributes, Skills and Traits by Mind Map: Character Attributes, Skills and Traits

1. supports the Rocket Boys

2. Jim

2.1. calls Sony a sissy/sister

2.2. Athlete

2.3. popular with women

3. Reverend Lanier

3.1. The pastor of coalwood's local church-changes Sonny's father's mind.

4. Newton's third law

4.1. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

5. Buck

5.1. is always picking fights with Homer

6. Jake Mosby

6.1. engineer

6.2. his father owns 20% of the mine

6.3. fighter pilot in Korea

6.4. shows Sherman and Sonny his telescope

7. Basil Oglethorpe

8. Mr Dubbonet

8.1. union representative

9. Sonny's parents

9.1. Mom

9.1.1. likes to garden

9.2. Dad

9.2.1. workaholic

9.2.2. the mine superintendent

9.2.3. contribution scarp wood/ lumber, scrap metal

9.2.4. show homer a place where they can launch their rocket (Snakeroot) off of company property

10. The Rocket Boys

10.1. Homer/Sonny

10.1.1. He was the president ,He was trying so hard to make rockets, He was the founder of the Big Creek Missile Agency (BCMA) ,

10.2. Quentin

10.2.1. Smart and knows everything about rockets

10.2.2. the scientist

10.3. Roy Lee

10.3.1. Has a car and handles transportation

10.3.2. interested in girls. a good-looking. Tall. Dark black hair. Father died in mine. Brother Bill still works in the mine.

10.4. O'Dell

10.4.1. treasure of BCMA intelligent playful friend.

10.4.2. Always responsible for getting the material together.

10.5. publictiy and setting up their rocket range

10.6. Sherman

10.7. had polio

10.8. Billy

11. School leaders

11.1. Miss Riley

11.1.1. Senior in college, Student teacher, Next years she may be their chemistry teacher.

11.1.2. Favorite Sonny's teacher,supported him. She gave the idea of rapid oxidation fuel.

11.1.3. said to sonny she will look if there is any book which gives idea about how to build the rocket.

11.2. Mr Turner

11.2.1. The principle of big creek high school

12. The girls

12.1. Dorothy

12.1.1. Homer's first crush

12.2. Emily Sue

12.3. Long time friend of Homer's-encourages Sonny-discourages Sonny from Dorothy

12.4. Valentine

13. machinists

13.1. Mr Bykovski

13.1.1. He works in company machine shop

13.1.2. is Jewish

13.1.3. moved to loading coal after helping Sonny with his rockets

13.1.4. ornamentador

13.2. Mr Caton

13.3. Mr.Ferro