Thinking process

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Thinking process by Mind Map: Thinking process

1. Read

1.1. Read and listen about what I have to do

1.1.1. .

1.2. Look for information if I have doubts or If I need or want to know more about something that we have been talking about in class.

1.2.1. . .

2. Reflect-do

2.1. Think about the practice I am going to do

2.2. Reflect about how I am going to do the practice

2.3. Make a brainstorming of the ideas for doing the practice

2.4. Decide which are the best ideas

2.5. Ask myself how can I use these ideas: "can you do It that way?"

2.6. Start to do the practice

2.7. Revise the practice while I am doing it in order to do it in the right way

2.8. Finish the hole practice

2.9. Make a review of the practice before sharing or doing it

3. Share

3.1. Publish the result of the practice

3.1.1. .

3.2. Review the presentation of the practice in the place in which I am sharing it.