Undergraduate Science Students

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Undergraduate Science Students by Mind Map: Undergraduate Science Students

1. Undergraduate Science Centre (USC)

1.1. Student Engagement

1.1.1. IDEAS fund

1.1.2. Ambassador Program

1.1.3. Mentorship Program

1.1.4. Advisory Council

1.1.5. Science Squad

1.2. Program Advising and Coordination

1.2.1. Advising Degree Planning Prospective Students After Degree Internship (Academic) Exchange (Academic) Academic Review/ ATP

1.2.2. Coordination Overloads Department Consent (Enrolment) Prerequisite Waivers

1.3. Internship Program

1.3.1. Employer Support Industry Events Hiring Support

1.3.2. Student Support Information Sessions Advising (Work)

1.3.3. Career Development Workshops

1.4. International Coordination

1.4.1. 2+2

1.4.2. Mitacs Advising

1.4.3. International Advising

2. Student Success Centre (SSC)

2.1. Academic Development Specialists

2.1.1. Dinos (Student-Athletes)

2.1.2. Academic Turnaround Program (ATP)

2.1.3. International Student Support

2.1.4. Considering Grad School

2.2. Writing Support

2.3. Scholar's Academy/ Frist Year Scholars

2.4. Thrive Priority Support Network

2.5. Advising

2.5.1. Exploratory Student Advising

2.5.2. Prospective/ Open Studies Advising

2.5.3. New Student Registration Assistance

3. Career Services

3.1. Students

3.1.1. Workshops International Students LinkedIn Resume/ Cover Letter Interview Preparation

3.1.2. Career Advising Undergraduate Students Indigenous Students International Students Resume/Cover Letter Review Mock Interviews Co-op/ Internships

3.2. Employers

3.2.1. Hiring International Students Indigenous Students Co-op and Internship Students

3.2.2. Career Fairs

4. International Student Services

4.1. Non-Academic Advising

4.1.1. Immigration Study Permits Working in Canada Permanent Resident Post-Graduate Work Permit

4.1.2. Transitional Support

4.2. Student Life Programs

4.2.1. Global Families

4.2.2. International Student Mentorship

4.3. Academic Advising

4.3.1. Academic Support

4.3.2. Career Advising

4.3.3. Information for Families

4.3.4. Information Sessions/ Workshops

4.3.5. Exchange Students