Special Rescue Team

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Special Rescue Team by Mind Map: Special Rescue Team

1. Metode Penelitian

1.1. Studi Literatur

1.1.1. (Surahman, 2016:35). Metodologi Penelitian

1.2. Kuesioner

1.2.1. (Didit Widiatmoko S, 2019:54). Metodologi Penelitian Desain Komunikasi Visual

1.3. Observasi

1.4. Wawancara

1.5. Analisis Data

2. Theme

2.1. Genre

2.1.1. Sci-fi Mecha Monster Future City

2.2. Education

2.2.1. First Aid Target to Learn Stoping External Catastrophic Bleeding Stoping Internal Bleeding Clearring Airway Ensuring Breathing Prevent Further Disability Make Sure Environment Safe

2.3. Target Audience

2.3.1. High School Student Age 14-18 Year old Young Female Male

2.4. Location

2.4.1. Indonesia Jakarta Jalan Taman

2.4.2. Inner World

2.5. Style

2.5.1. Semi Realism

3. Media

3.1. Game

3.1.1. Platform PC Mouse Keyboard Monitor

4. Job Desk

4.1. Game Designer

4.1.1. Type of Game Action Walking Runing Jumping Dodging Shooter Gun 3rd Person Strategy Simulation

4.1.2. Level External Bleeding Block Airway Breathing Internal Bleeding Neoron Get Away

4.2. Modeler

4.2.1. Environment 3D Modeling Texturing Material Sharder

4.2.2. Property 3D Modeling Texturing Material Shader

4.2.3. Character 3D Modeling Texturing Rigging Material Sharder

4.3. Concept Artist

4.3.1. Environment Design

4.3.2. Character Design

4.3.3. Creature Design

4.3.4. Mechanical Design