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University of Minnesota "E-Science Landscape" by Mind Map: University of Minnesota "E-Science Landscape"
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University of Minnesota "E-Science Landscape"

Academic Heath Center

AHC Information Exchange (2011)

Clinical and Translational Sciences Award (CTSA) grant received (2011)

UMN Profiles (2010)

Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) (2009)

Institute for Health Informatics (2005-)

Center for Biomedical Research Infomatics (CBRI)


Research Support Services Collaborative (RSSC) (2011-)

E-science and Data Services Collaborative (2008-10)

ARL report, "Agenda for Developing E-Science in Research Libraries" (2007)

Sciences Assessment (2007)

Health Informatics Center (Space/facilities)

Harvest Choice

EthicShare (2007-)

Antarctic Data Repository

Mellon Report on Art-Humanities/Social Sciences (2006)

AgEcon Search (1995-)

Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)

Terra Populus NSF DataNet award (2011)

Infrastructure Investment Initiative (I3) (2001)

Minnesota Population Center (transferred to OVPR in 2009)

MSI - Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (transferred to OVPR in 2009)

Research Infrastructure Plan (2007)

Transforming the U for the 21st Century, Strategic Positioning Report (2007)

Task Force on Research Infrastructure (2006)


Bulk storage purchase (2012)

Pilot data audits (2011)

Information Technology Leadership Alliance

6-year IT plan (2008)

Collegiate Units




Research Cyberinfrastructure Alliance (RCA) 2007-2009

2009 Charge: Discuss how to leverage existing commonalities of CyberInfrastructure

Web site planning for self-service access to existing CI

Core Services Inventory Mapping Portfolio

PEL: Implementing Cyberinfrastructure (2008-2009)

RCA Assessment Report (Celeste, 2008)

3-year plan (09-11)


SciVal (LIB, AHC, OVPR, Colleges, OIT)

Institute on the Environment (IonE) (2008?)

Institute for Advanced Studies (focus on the humanities)

U-Spatial I3 grant