Research Methodology Siti Abigayle Rachman T (20184920013)

for Assignment Week 5 Research Methodology

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Research Methodology Siti Abigayle Rachman T (20184920013) by Mind Map: Research Methodology Siti Abigayle Rachman T (20184920013)

1. Introduction

1.1. A. Definition of Research

1.2. B. Research purposes

1.3. C. Variety of Research

2. Quantitive & Qualitative

2.1. Quantitive Research

2.1.1. Survey Methode

2.1.2. Experiment Methode

2.1.3. Quanitative Purposes

2.2. Qualitative Research

3. Analysis Process

4. Component

4.1. Problems

4.2. Variables

4.2.1. Use of Variables For Hypothesis To prepare tools and methods data collection To prepare analysis/processing methods data

4.3. Hypothesis

4.3.1. Uses of Hypothesis A. To test the theory, B. Encouraging the emergence of theory, C. Explaining social phenomena, D. As a guideline for directing research, E. Provide a framework for drawing up conclusions that will generated

4.4. Scientific Theory

4.4.1. Uses of Theory Provide patterns in the data interpretation process Linking one study to another Help researchers find a conceptual framework

4.5. Population and Samples

4.5.1. Sampling Technique

4.5.2. Non Probability Sampling

4.6. Data

4.6.1. by Sources 1.Primary Data 2. Secondary Data

4.6.2. by Characteristic Quantitative Data Qualitative Data

5. Designs

5.1. Kinds of Research Design

5.1.1. Study Cross Sectional

5.1.2. Study Case Control

5.1.3. Study Cohort

5.1.4. Riset Experimental

5.1.5. Quasi Experimental

5.2. Types of Research Design

5.2.1. Casual Comperative Research

5.2.2. Riset Experimental

5.2.3. Ethnographic Research

5.2.4. Historical Research

5.2.5. Action Research

5.2.6. Survey Research

5.2.7. Correlation Research

6. Instrument

6.1. Test Instrument Form

6.2. Questionnaire Form

6.3. Interview Instrument Form

6.4. Observation Instrument Form

6.5. Rating Scale Form

6.6. Form of Documentation Instruments