Illustrating words

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Illustrating words by Mind Map: Illustrating words

1. Read

1.1. By group

1.1.1. Read the activity

1.1.2. Listen to what we had to do

2. Reflect-do

2.1. By group

2.1.1. Think about how we could represent our list of words

2.1.2. Select the way we were going to represent our words

2.1.3. Look for the necessary things to work

2.1.4. Select the drawing we were going to do for each word

2.1.5. Decide who was going to draw what

2.1.6. Revise our drawings

2.1.7. Redraw some drawings

2.1.8. Look at the different drawings that we had from the other group

2.1.9. Try to guess what word were they representing

2.1.10. Decide what word we thought each picture represented

2.1.11. Make a list of our guessings

2.1.12. Reflect about the words that we had drawn that were not guessed by the other group

2.2. Individually

2.2.1. Do the drawings

3. Share

3.1. Give to the other group our words

3.2. Write about the activity in our blog

3.2.1. .