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Grouping Movies by Mind Map: Grouping Movies

1. Peter Pan

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Age Adults Pirates Mr. Darling Mrs. Darling Aunt Millicent Uncle Edward Couch Children Nana Darling Wendy Darling George Darling Peter Pan Michael Darling John Darling Unknown Cinderella/ Tinkerbell Peter Pan Michael Mermaids indians Animals

1.1.2. Gender Boys/Men Captain Hook Pirates Peter Pan Michael Mr. Darling George John Edward Uncle Pan Indians Girls/Women Tinkerbell Wendy Indians Mermaids Nana Mrs. Darling Aunt

1.2. Locations

1.2.1. Size

1.2.2. Type The Darling's House Church/School Never Land The Jungle The cave The boat Space Down Town Clouds The Black Castle

1.2.3. Use The house To live in

1.3. Themes

1.3.1. About Friendship Treating people how you wish to be treated will get you lifetime long relationships. Be careful about what you say to other people, words are powerful and can either make or break a friendship

1.3.2. About Childhood Never run away or leave your home without parental guidance.

1.3.3. About Life and Death Never trust strangers

1.3.4. About Freedom Stay true to what you believe in

1.3.5. Miscellaneous None of Wendy nor her siblings can remember their father or mothers name

1.4. Symbols

1.4.1. Of childhood Laughter Curiosity Exploration Fear

1.4.2. Of life/living Religion

1.4.3. Of death/dying Weapons violence Fear

1.4.4. Of power/control Victory

1.4.5. Of love Kiss Love Feelings

1.4.6. Of freedom Victory

1.4.7. Micellaneous The clock represents time

2. Hook

2.1. Characters

2.1.1. Age Adults ned miller Mrs. Banning Peter Banning (dad) Liza Brad Wendy Darling Hook Children Peter Pan Jack (plays baseball) Wendy Maggie The Lost Boys Unknown Moria Dog Tinkerbell (different) Smee mermaids crocodile Nana (dog)

2.1.2. Gender Boys/Men Peter Pan Smee Girls/Women

2.2. Locations

2.2.1. Size

2.2.2. Type Baseball field Baseball field on the ship Plane House Church? Meeting? Never Land

2.2.3. Use

2.3. Themes

2.3.1. About Friendship The lost boys are working hard to help peter get in shape; tough love but its for the good

2.3.2. About Childhood

2.3.3. About Life and Death thinking happy thoughts and always being positive can make magical things happen and you can achieve anything.

2.3.4. About Freedom

2.3.5. Micellaneous

2.4. Symbols

2.4.1. Of childhood

2.4.2. Of life/living aging the colorful foods as peter used his imagination Clock/Time

2.4.3. Of death/dying fighting swords

2.4.4. of power/control

2.4.5. of love remembering wendy by the thimble

2.4.6. of freedom

2.4.7. Family the "fake" dinner together with peter and the lost boys Peter threw the phone back out the window to symbolize family time and love.

2.4.8. micellaneous