Química Orgánica.

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Química Orgánica. by Mind Map: Química Orgánica.

1. Morning

1.1. Drink glass of water

1.2. Eat two srcamble eggs

1.3. A fuit cacktail (apple, strawberris, mangoe, and some nuts and almonds) with honey or yogurt

1.4. She drinks some orange juice

2. Midday

2.1. She eats a banana or an apple

2.2. She drinks some watter

3. In afternoon

3.1. She eats a bowl of soup

3.2. Three of four portions of vegetables

3.3. She eats some fish or chicken

3.4. She drinks a glass of lemonade

3.5. At the end eats a chocolate bar

4. The evening

4.1. She eats a tuna sandwich

4.2. Takes a cup of coffee with any sugar