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Eng Literature by Mind Map: Eng Literature
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Eng Literature

Title: Clay Marble

Genre: Novel

WK 1: Characterization, Syllabus, Wk 1, Identify main character's character traits., Dara, initially, naive, lack confidence, development, discover strength, Strong Will Power, Jantu, All throughout, Dependable, Artistic, Caring, Death liberates Dara, Sarun, initially, Family oriented, (son/brother)Loves farm, development, Love for country, (soldier) loves power, Chnay, initially, War orphan, street smart, thief, bully, development, helpful, artistic, Self - Study, Identify bet characters, similarities, Dara & Jantu, Dara & Sarun, differences, Dara & Jantu, Dara & Sarun, Self-Study, Dev of characters, Self-Study, Relationship between Characters, Self-study, Comment on the diff literary roles/function, Hero, Heroin, Protagonist, Antagonist, Self-Study, Authorial Technique used, Authorial Description, Comment by other characters, Character's thoughts, Character's speech, Physical appearance, Use of contrast / juxtapositon, Pedagogy, Knowledge Building, Student Benefit, Realism, Character change, Environment, Circumstances, Collaboration, Expansion of Ideas, Acquire New ideas, Use of Internet, Endless source of online information, Online study guides, Get Timely Feedback, Peers are working on map, Teacher monitoring activity, Cooperative Learning Strategy, Jigsaw, 1. 4 Grps/of 10 students =Each grp doing one charac, 2. Break into pairs and form a new grp of mix characters= New grp:2 of each charac, Now all learn everything thru interdependence/Collaboration

Wk 2: Style, syllabus, writer's use of language, to produce textual effects, diction, sentence structure, syntax, figurative languag, patterns of rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, onomatopoeia

Wk 3: Viewpoint, syllabus, Writer's intention/point of view, Treatment of themes, Treatment of issues, Writer's pt of view, on historical, on social influence, on personal influenc, Writer's pt of view, how conveyed to reader/audience.

Wk 4: Themes, Love/Friendship, Family, War/Peace

WK 5: Setting/atmosphere, Syllabus, The impt factors found in background of txt., geograhical, historical, cultural, influence/effect, significance of change, mood / atmosphere of a scene

Wk 6: Plot & Structure, syllabus, Sequential dev of events, Significance of particular scene/event on plot & structure., effect of choice of genre on writer's msg, analyse writer's use of, deviation form, conventional structure, chronological sequence of events, Standard dramatic forms, poetic forms