Eng Literature

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Eng Literature by Mind Map: Eng Literature

1. Title: Clay Marble

1.1. Genre: Novel

1.1.1. WK 1: Characterization Syllabus Wk 1 Self - Study Self-Study Self-Study Self-study Self-Study Pedagogy Knowledge Building Cooperative Learning Strategy Jigsaw

1.1.2. Wk 2: Style syllabus writer's use of language

1.1.3. Wk 3: Viewpoint syllabus Writer's intention/point of view Writer's pt of view Writer's pt of view

1.1.4. Wk 4: Themes Love/Friendship Family War/Peace

1.1.5. WK 5: Setting/atmosphere Syllabus The impt factors found in background of txt. influence/effect significance of change mood / atmosphere of a scene

1.1.6. Wk 6: Plot & Structure syllabus Sequential dev of events Significance of particular scene/event on plot & structure. effect of choice of genre on writer's msg analyse writer's use of