Understanding Personal Goals

Understanding Personal Goals

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Understanding Personal Goals by Mind Map: Understanding Personal Goals

1. Intro

1.1. What are personal Goals

1.1.1. Type career health Family Friends Professional

1.1.2. Term Short term long term life time

1.1.3. Importance For Success For Peace For Satisfaction

1.2. Who can set personal goals

1.2.1. Individual Treat yourself as a system People fail but system do not fail Stay Focused

1.2.2. Group Deligate tasks Mointor Progress Update regularly

1.2.3. Team Build a culture of Trust Maintain Reward system Take breaks and have time to enjoy

1.3. How to set personal Goals

1.3.1. State goal as positive statement

1.3.2. Be precise

1.3.3. Set Priorities

1.4. Why to set personal goals

1.4.1. To achieve success

1.4.2. To have proper guidelines

1.4.3. To remain focused

2. Conclusion

2.1. Summary

2.1.1. Decide what you want in life

2.1.2. Motivate Yourself

2.1.3. build your self confidence

2.1.4. Separating what is important from irrelevant

2.1.5. Trust on yourself

2.2. Action Point

2.2.1. Take small steps dsily

2.2.2. Reward yourself for every success

2.2.3. Share your success stories

2.3. Call to Action

2.3.1. Signup today to lear more about goal setting

2.3.2. Call or WhatsApp at 9234916333

3. Body

3.1. Understanding Short term Goals

3.1.1. How to set short term goals

3.1.2. Should be Specific

3.1.3. Measurable

3.1.4. Attainable

3.1.5. Realistic

3.1.6. Time Bound

3.2. Understanding Long term Goals

3.2.1. How to set Long Term goals

3.2.2. Should be congruent to Mission and Vision

3.2.3. Should be congruent to our values system

3.3. Staying on track is Important

3.3.1. How to stay on track

3.3.2. Importance of Practice daily

3.3.3. Keep Motivating self and the team