Eco tourism

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Eco tourism by Mind Map: Eco tourism

1. It means traveling to non-urban areas

2. There are many companies wich buy this places to make hotels and touristic centers

3. In this touristic places, country men are the staff, but sometimes there are people from the city working here

4. People who comes from the city works in higher postion than the local ones.

5. Eco tourism has been used by the government to attract international inversion in this kind of business

6. It is known that the tourist movement around specific places contributes to a better security in the town or department.

7. The rural population can attract bigger incomes.

8. It is because some many people enjoys walking around, meeting cultural places, eating traditional food and contemplating the region.

9. It can be a tool to bring some information about the wild animals who lives in the rural environment.

10. If the people knows about this animals, they will understand the importance to keep them in their own environment.