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Technology Today by Mind Map: Technology Today

1. Colours

1.1. Red Background

1.2. Black Writing

2. House Styles

2.1. Font

2.1.1. 12pt main text

2.1.2. 14pt subtitles Bold and underlined

2.1.3. 16pt titles Bold and underlined

2.2. Text

2.2.1. Justified

3. Topic Idea

3.1. Games Consoles

3.1.1. Early Consoles Atari, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, GameCube

3.1.2. Late Consoles PS3, Xbox 360, Wii

3.1.3. Handheld Consoles Earlier Consoles GameBoy Colour/Advanced Later Consoles Nintendo DS, PS Vita

3.1.4. Technology Involved Improved Memory HD - HD Adaptor 2D/3D Gaming 3DS Wireless Technology 'Kinect' Internet Access Social Networking through console Multiplayer Online Multiplayer gaming online and offline

3.1.5. Future Nintendo Wii U Touch screen monitor, portable