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PLE Thinking processes by Mind Map: PLE Thinking processes
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PLE Thinking processes


At home

Documents given by Linda, Reading carefully, Underlining, Extracting the main ideas

Looking for information on the Internet

Watching tutorials about how to use the new tools

Reading my coursemates' blogs

Reading twitts

Reading different reflections about Twitter

Reading instructions of the practices

Reading my coursemates' works

In class

Listening to Linda' explanation, Reading slides shows

Reading about how to create a new account in, Flickr, Google account, Twitter, Hoppala, Layar, Tumblr, Mind42

Taking notes

Watching videos


At home

Thinking about ten things of me, Thinking about the sentences, Taking pictures, Uploading in Flickr, Reading about licences

Thinking about what type of document i was going to do, Thinking about the thinking processes, Writing in the document

Thinking about the Twitter'story I liked the most, Writing my reflection in a word document

Thinking about the POIs

Thinking about the route

Thinking about the challenges for them to learn something

Thinking about the clues

Creating mindmapping

In class/Faculty

Putting all the ideas about TH in common and choosing the best, Deciding the format we were going to do clues, challenges and information, Recording videos in, Youtube, Vimeo, Taking pictures, Make a new email account for the group, Create a new Tumblr, Uploading the information, Looking for information on the Internet about the POIs, Uploading one challenge to GDocs, Making QR codes

Putting all the information with links in a written document in GDocs, Putting all the links in Hoppala, Putting the link in Layar

Writing a new document with the instructions about our TH

Putting QR codes in Murcia


At home

Posting in Tumblr, Every class, Every practice

Uploading photos in Flickr

Sharing my work by GDocs with my cousemates


Giving password and username of Layar for the TH

Uploading my mindmaps to mindmeister

Retwitting important things for education

In class

Making the TH of other groups