The Programme on Violence Against Women, Bangladesh

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The Programme on Violence Against Women, Bangladesh by Mind Map: The Programme on Violence Against Women, Bangladesh

1. - Almost 2/3's of women have experienced forms of VAW: such as acid attacks, rape, murder, physical torture, dowry, early marriage, family conflict, suicide and hilla marriage

2. Outcomes

2.1. 1000 people accessed legal, medical and counselling services over 3 years

2.2. 850 family conflicts resolved

2.3. 240 early marriages stopped

2.4. ...

3. How The VAW Programme worked:

3.1. 1. Improving data collection of incidents of VAW in 6 districts of Bangladesh; including number and type of attacks

3.1.1. Such data provides an evidence base of: the extent of the problem, whether other projects are having an effect, which regions require attention. Impacts can be evaluated

3.2. 2. Improving the capacity of government agencies, services and workers to understand VAW, and counsel and support survivors

3.2.1. Judges, police superintendents and district and local government officials were educated to provide support More key people were aware of seriousness of VAW and sensitised to it. They have the experience to make survivors feel valued and to counsel to make safe changes

3.3. 3. Improving information giving to survivors of VAW

3.3.1. BRAC (a human development NGO) provided a community empowerment program where women understood their legal rights and Bangladesh laws. Access to legal services, hotline support and emergency shelter was made apparent. More women were able to choose to leave violent situations, with support

3.4. 4. Community outreach and education

3.4.1. Popular community plays and theatre were commissioned to perform dramas on the impacts of VAW, but also how people can respond to incidents. 535 dramas reached 180,000 community members The stigma around VAW was addressed. Women became aware of their rights. The performances reached the illiterate. Performance advertisment