Club-Mate Cola

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Club-Mate Cola by Mind Map: Club-Mate Cola

1. Competition

1.1. Coca Cola products

1.2. Pepsi products

1.3. Energy Drinks (Monster, Redbull, Rockstar, etc)

2. Target Market

2.1. Consumers who desire a tasty drink with less sugar than competitors

2.2. Consumers who enjoy soda but are conscience about the ingredients

2.3. Popular amongst the Hacker Community. The lone distributor in the USA is 2600 Enterprises.

3. Objectives

3.1. Expand the brand of Club-Mate into the United States

3.2. Establish a larger market and following for their product(s)

4. Communication

4.1. Login • Instagram

4.2. Club-Mate

4.3. The drinks motto is "Man Gewöhnt Sich Daran" which means "One gets used to it"

5. About Club-Mate

5.1. Product was first produced in Germany in 1924

5.2. Became a cult hit across Europe

5.3. Club-Mate offers various products ranging from yerba mate tea-based soft drinks, to cola products

5.4. Club-Mate products first came to the United States in 2009 with markets in Austin, Texas and New York. Shortly after, expansion occurred up and down the west coast

5.5. Pronounced as Club-Mate [Club-MAH-tay]