What age should people be allowed to own a firearm

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What age should people be allowed to own a firearm by Mind Map: What age should people be allowed to own a firearm

1. Pre-Experiment

1.1. 1. Empathize

1.1.1. What age do people think people should be able to get a firearm

1.1.2. Figuring out my opinion on guns, if I wanted to own one or not

1.2. 2. Define

1.2.1. Laws that make it harder for young people to own a gun or make it more stricter for people to own one

1.2.2. Hypothesis I think students would chose 21 More people believe that under 21 is almost as still being a teen and over 25 your too old so 21 seems the right age 21 is the age where you can legally drink, attended clubs, gamble, purchase weed, adopted a child. ( Do adults things )

1.3. 3. Ideate

1.3.1. Procedure Prepare Survey Give opinion so students should chose Give survey Analyze survey Combined results from the survey Figure out what people chose and add them up and compare to the rest of the opinion 20 students in 1st period forensics Compare options and find out what the reason was behind the number 1 choice Presentation of results Put all the information onto a google slides Write a google docs

1.4. 4.Prototype

1.4.1. Google sheets for data

1.4.2. Survey choices 16 18 21 25 No age restriction

2. Post-Experiment

2.1. Process Data

2.1.1. Victor Ureno Diaz - Summative: Survey Research Data_P1

2.1.2. Yes, my hypothesis was right that more students were chose option 21 as the prefer gun owning age.

2.2. Discussion of results

2.2.1. What improvements we could've made in this experiment is give more options to choose from or to add older ages

2.2.2. In order to deepen the result and why people chose what they chose, we can look at the type of crimes or accident that involved a firearm

2.2.3. There are some limitation to our experiment because it would be different if they were for hunting or events. The experiment was meant to aim for gun owning in general and not hobbies or events

2.2.4. Some people might be bias because they themselves want to own a firearm so they can want the age to be less and not as restricted

2.3. Reporting

2.3.1. At what age should people be allowed to own a gun

2.3.2. What age should people be allowed to own a firearm?