Summary of lesson chapter 5,6,7

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Summary of lesson chapter 5,6,7 by Mind Map: Summary of lesson chapter 5,6,7

1. BAB 5-Recount Text

1.1. Recount text is a piece of text that retells past events in a choronologicalsequence.

1.2. Social Function

1.2.1. social function of recount text is to retell the reader with past event.

1.3. The type of recount text

1.3.1. 1. Personal Recount 2. Historival Recount 3. Biography Recount 4. Factual Recount 5. Imaginative Recount

1.4. Biography Recount

1.4.1. Biography recount usually retells accounts of a person’s life.

1.5. The generic stucture

1.6. 1. Orientation Introduce who were involved in the events,when and where it happened. 2. Events Retell a series of events in chronological order. 3. Reorientation It is optional and provides the conclusions.

1.7. Languange Features

1.8. 1. Nouns:e.g.I Gusti Ngurah Rai. 2. Past Tense:kata kerja lampau/verb II. 3. Individual Participant:terfokus pada cerita pelaku tertentu. 4. Time connective and conjuction:e.g. after,before,then.etc. 5. Action verbs:e.g.stayed,climbed,and went. 6. Adverbs and adverb phrases:e.g.yesterday,last week,at home,slowly,and carefully.

2. BAB 6-Advertisement

2.1. Advertisement text is a text that introduce or promote a product,service event or a job vacancy in a public medium

2.2. Purpose of Advertisement text

2.2.1. 1. To make a promotion. 2. To give an information. 3. To persuade that reader to buy the product or something that offered.

2.3. There are four kinds of advertisement text

2.3.1. 1. Product advertisement.

2.3.2. 2. Service advertisement.

2.3.3. 3. Event advertisement.

2.3.4. 4. Job vacancy.

2.4. The Structure of Advertisement

2.5. 1. Tittle:The name of the product/service/event. 2. Body:Description of the product/service/event. 3. Contact,phone number/address/websites.

2.6. Language Features of Advertisement Text

2.7. 1. Using Simple Present Tense Ex:We fix your laptop quickly. 2. Using Persuasive Sentence Ex:Highest Quality Lowest Price.

2.8. Characteristics of A Good Advertisement

2.9. 1. Persuasive The content should be persuade the reader to get interest to buy the product. Using promotion words:ex;buy 1 get 1 free. Using a unique slogan:ex;open a coke open happiness. 2. Effective The content should be in a simple text to give a clear message. 3. Interesting An advertisement should be interesting.

3. BAB 7-Report Text

3.1. Report text is a text which presents information about something as it is.It is as a result of systematic observation and analysis.

3.2. Structures of text

3.3. 1. General classification Sttating classification of general aspect of thing that will be discussed. 2. Descriptions Giving more details of the thing such as part of body,habits,behavior,qualities,etc.

3.4. Linguistic features

3.4.1. 1. Using simple present tense 2. Using general noun

3.5. Purpose of report text

3.6. The purpose of report text is to describe about a person,thing or place in generally.

4. Nayla Putri Setiawan(X IPS 2)