Geography - instruments of weather measuring things

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Geography - instruments of weather measuring things by Mind Map: Geography - instruments of weather measuring things

1. Maximum minimum thermometre

1.1. Measures- temperature

1.1.1. The mercury expands to the max temperature. Unit of measurement- degrees celcius. Presented on a map in isotherms

2. Wet& Dry termometre

2.1. Measures the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere.

2.1.1. Difference of two thermometres measuring the humidity. Expressed as a percentage.

3. Anemometer

3.1. MEasures wIND Speed ~

3.1.1. Km Per Hour/miles Expressed as isotaches.

4. Wind Vane

4.1. It measures the wind direction.

4.1.1. works becase it is descrived by te direction from witch it blows. New node

5. Rain Gauge

5.1. It Measures percipitation

5.1.1. The rain gauge is in the ground and measures the amount of rain that falls into it. Measured in millimeters presented as isohyets

6. Campbell stokes sunshine recorder

6.1. Works by how much paper is scorched in the glass ball.

6.1.1. Measured by how much sunshine per day. Presented as isohels on a map New node

7. Barometer.

7.1. Measures atmospheric pressure

7.1.1. measured in millibars expressed as isobars