Internet safety

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Internet safety by Mind Map: Internet safety

1. Instant messaging

1.1. When u instant messaging it goes straight to the person ur talking to

1.1.1. New node

1.2. u will damage the computer

1.2.1. ask parent or teacher

1.3. don't message 2 people u don't no

1.4. use short language when u message

1.5. Delete message that upset u

1.6. members directories

1.6.1. can sent message that upsets u

2. E-mail

2.1. Message can have virues

2.2. don't tell ur address to ur friends

2.3. never reply to someone u don't no

2.4. reply to ppl u know

2.5. think b4 sending any details

2.6. always check 4 any virus

2.7. avoid any spam messages

2.7.1. tell adult

2.7.2. delete

3. web broswing

3.1. infor on google is not always real

3.2. some sites r not real

3.3. always read infor carefully

3.4. look at variety of sites 4 search

4. Text messaging

4.1. Delete messages that upset u

4.2. Reply to people u know

4.3. Don't sent photo to people u don't no

4.3.1. Tell an adult

4.4. always delete spam messages

4.5. Make sure u know who u messaging to

4.6. When messaging use shorter language e.g. lol laugh out loud

4.7. Don't agree to meet someone from chatroom

4.8. Don't live ur phones around

5. Chatt rooms

5.1. U can b pretend like someone else

5.2. u can give gen. infor

5.3. Don't tallk 2 stranges online

5.4. u don't need 2 shout

5.5. don't give people ur address

5.6. never meet peps online in person

5.7. u can tell the city u live in

6. online forum

6.1. its easier to use phone messages from the book.

6.2. Keep messages short

6.3. don't include personal details

6.4. is a me3ting places

6.5. identify ur self

6.5.1. will be open infor on the internet