IDEAS PREP (3 opening sequences of different genres)

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IDEAS PREP (3 opening sequences of different genres) by Mind Map: IDEAS PREP (3 opening sequences of different genres)

1. Thriller

1.1. flashback shots - show a past event that leads to the situation right now

1.2. suspense music, slow at the beginning and tempo increases faster

1.3. symbolic codes like blood stains, weapons, antagonist wearing dark/ black clothes.

1.4. sounds of footsteps, punching sounds, of things crashing or heavy breathing

1.5. stalker, chasing someone, kidnapping, crime scene (detectives and police at the scene, talking), or basically a psycho planning something evil in their own room?

1.6. close up or extreme close up - if a character is at the scene then show their facial expression well / how their eyes look around etc

1.7. tilt camera angle - to create discomfort for the audience

1.8. narrative? voice over?

1.9. lowkey lighting and cold filter

1.10. eerie sound

2. Horror

2.1. setting: an old house, outside the city, dark night at school / on the street, people trying suspicious games, etc.

2.2. symbolic codes: silhouettes, bloodstains, screams or heavy breathing, running footsteps sounds, thunder, sounds of running machines (weapons to kill), door creaking sound..

2.3. lowkey lighting

2.4. true beginning - someone gets killed or injured (being targeted in general) => the audience will know that there is an antagonist looking for victims

2.5. eyeline match editing - shwo the viewer what's the main character's seeing kind of like POV and sort of that stuffs

2.6. elliptical editing

2.7. silence is a good way to give the audience this intriguing feeling? makes them pay attention to details more

2.8. colors: tinted green? like moss green or blueish green, those are very "upsetting colors". Like the colors in twilight, looks very gloomy and gives this "creepy", eerie vibe??

3. Action

3.1. the blatant opening (introduce hero and villain and why they oppose)

3.2. intense background music? foley sounds of fighting, like fists hitting people's faces and those fake laser beam sounds, - usually superhero movies have these, if that's the kind of action film we're looking into

3.3. or action films like mafia, 007, the transporter etc,, sounds of weapons like gunshots, car wheel screeching, etc. are more needed

3.4. or true beginning opening? script starts right away - get right into the story

3.5. settings: bars? casinos? a coffee shop? some fancy house party or just keep it simple like in an alley or something, 'cause a fancy house setting doesn't sound so achievable for a school project

3.6. probably fast-paced? putting out more info but don't rush things too much that may confuse the audience