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NECAL by Mind Map: NECAL

1. Survey Summary

2. 2. Primary Research

2.1. Interviews

2.2. Target List

2.3. Compleated Interviews

2.3.1. Jeff Friedman Nameplate & Panel Technology Logistics Manager Nameplate & Panel Technology offers contract dome and pillow embossing for printers who are unable to provide this service. With our central U.S. location, so we can offer economical and timely shipping of all your finished products. Please call our offices to learn more about NPT's cost-effective contract embossing services.

2.3.2. Dave Yarian AIA Countertops Director of Operations 203 S. Huntington St. Syracuse AIA Countertops is one of the largest Natural Stone, Quartz, and Solid Surface manufacturers in the country offering close to 30 years of experience and providing outstanding products to the Residential, Commercial, RV, and Marine industries. AIA Countertops is unarguably the largest solid surface and granite/quartz fabricators in North America. Our 132,000 sqare foot facility in Syracuse Indiana sports some of the best and most accurate equipement available. 5 solid surface CNC routers and 3 granite / quartz CNCs that use a combination of mechanical blades and water jet technology to enable us to produce a vast number of counter tops accurately and cost effectively whether you need 1 top for the kitchen in your home or 500 for a new commercial project. Brett Kalinowski General Manager (574) 457-2018 (Direct) (574) 350-2762 (HQ) (330) 815-2446 (Mobile) [email protected] (Business) [email protected] (Supplemental) Ryan Yarian Director, Recreational Vehicle Business (574) 457-2003 (Direct) (574) 350-2762 (HQ) (574) 457-6063 (Mobile) [email protected]

2.3.3. Jeff Zarle Oliver Travel Trailers Purchasing Manager 228 Industrial Ave Hohanwald Matt Duncan (931) 796-4555 ext. 141 (Direct) (931) 796-1178 (HQ) (931) 796-4555 ext. 141 (931) 796-1178 [email protected]

2.3.4. Tony Ritter Signature 4 Manager, Purchasing 149 Harvest Dr Dr Coldwater OH Doug Klosterman Vice President, Finance & General [email protected] (419) 678-1400 (HQ)

2.3.5. Susan Miller Airstream Manager, Purchasing, Travel Trailers 419 West Pike St Jackson Center OH 45334 Andrew Selking President, Internationl(937) 596-6111 (HQ) (937) 596-6111 [email protected] (Business)

2.3.6. Todd Miller Lazy Daze Purchasing 605 st Crystal Lake Rd Montclair CA

2.3.7. Shawn Baldwin Rubber Mill Sales Manager 9897 Liberty Rd Liberty NC Heidi Bradley CEO (336) 622-1680 (HQ) (336) 207-4021 (Mobile) (336) 622-1680 (336) 207-4021 [email protected] (Business)

2.3.8. John Mathis Trantech Radiator Products, Inc. Purchasing Manager 1 Tranter Dr Edgefield SC Through the years, Trantech has provided engineering services recommending replacement radiator cooling systems to replace coolers, tubes and panel radiators. Today, Trantech offers engineering, or re-engineering, for any type of transformer cooling system solution. For new transformers, or to up-rate and extend the life of an existing transformer with direct "drop-in" replacements, our offerings utilize the most cost-effective and efficient "cooling system" . Kevin Riley Manager, Supplier & Product Dev (803) 637-3166 ext. 223 (Direct) (803) 637-3166 (HQ) (803) 522-2769 (Mobile)

2.3.9. Chris Murphy Holland 1916 Operations Manager Kansas City MO Kevin Mudge Vice President,OPS(816) 268-5764 (Direct) (816) 421-4553 (HQ) (816) 268-5764 (816) 421-4553 [email protected] (Business) Holland 1916 manufactures identification products to convey branding, operating, and safety information.

2.3.10. Chris Kruty Preform Sealants General Manager 8040 Bavaria Road Twinsburg Guy Swank President (330) 425-1890 (Direct) (330) 405-2813 (HQ) (330) 903-4897 (Mobile) [email protected] (Business)

2.3.11. CAROLINA TAPE & SUPPLY CO For over 40 years, Carolina Tape and Supply has been a distributor and custom converter of all types of pressure sensitive tape products as well as a distributor of furniture manufacturing supplies and packaging products. We presently serve over 5000 customers in a diversity of industries across the United States and around the world. Carolina Tape and Supply has the experience you need to help satisfy your needs. ennis Dagenhardt, president and owner, holds a degree in chemistry and before forming his own company worked in a lab at an adhesive tape manufacturing company. Since opening his company in 1969, Dennis Dagenhardt has become experienced and knowledgeable in all facts of converting adhesive tape products. Pricing: We do not publish a price list. Shawn DagenhardtOwner (828) 322-3991 (Direct) (828) 324-9519 (HQ) (828) 322-3991 (828) 324-9519 - [email protected] (Business) [email protected]

2.3.12. Paul Haughee Gravure Ink Dir of Design and Sales 4505 Wyland Dr Elkhart IN Debbie Elderkin President (630) 595-0595 (Direct) (574) 295-8297 (HQ) (630) 595-0595 (574) 295-8297 - [email protected] (Business)

2.3.13. Rick Winkel Can-Do National Tape President 195 Polk Ave Nashville TN Can-Do National Tape was founded in 1972 as a Master distributor of adhesive tape products. We have many professionally qualified salespeople to assist you in determining the right product for your application. In addition, Can-Do's converting department has the production expertise to convert these adhesive products to your specifications. Can-Do National Tape is "The Source" for all your tape and converting needs. We provide excellent service, quality products, and competitive prices. Our experienced sales force and customer service representatives are ready to assist you with any pressure sensitive adhesive tape requirement. We will be responsive to your needs. Can-Do National Tape is a service oriented company with approximately 60 employees. We are centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee, within 2-3 days UPS ground shipment from over 75% of the United States. The Company is focused on customer service and quality and is ISO 9001:2000 Certified. Our Quality Statement is, "Can-Do National Tape is committed to providing the highest quality of pressure sensitive adhesive tape products and related services, at competitive prices, which meet or exceed our customer requirements, by and through continuous improvement and timely delivery of product, all as a result of ongoing communication with vendors, customers, and employees." Christopher Razler Vice President, Sales (615) 255-1775 (HQ) (215) 866-6004 (Mobile)

2.3.14. Erin Gurney VP 3239 S 51st Ave Cicero IL

3. 3. Legend

3.1. Primary Research

3.1.1. SME Maker Identified

3.1.2. SME Contacted (Lined in/Facebook/Referrral/Email/Phone

3.1.3. SME agreed to a call

3.1.4. SME scheduled

3.1.5. SME interview conducted

3.1.6. SME disqualified

3.2. Contacts

3.2.1. Name

3.2.2. Position/Title

3.2.3. Company

3.2.4. Phone #

3.2.5. Email

4. 4. Resources

4.1. Suppliers o Loparex o Rayven, Inc. o Griff o Henkle Adhesives o Avery Dennison o Ashland Chemical

5. 6. Organizations

5.1. NECAL Business Model Tool - 1

6. 5. Supporting data

6.1. Winnebago Industries

6.2. Collateral

7. 7. Primary Research Questions

7.1. NECAL Questionnaire

8. 1. Secondary Research

8.1. Industry Research

8.1.1. Automotive

8.1.2. Appliance

8.1.3. Architectural products (interior construction)

8.1.4. POP displays/signage

8.1.5. Heavy industrial

8.1.6. Marine (fishing boats, watercraft, ships)

8.1.7. Wall coverings

8.2. Applications

8.2.1. Industrial Print

8.2.2. Fabrication

8.2.3. Contract Coating The Automotive Coatings Manufacturing industry is forecast to decline in 2020 due to the impacts of supply chain disruptions and weaken demand in downstream automotive markets. · New car sales are expected to decline significantly in 2020, thus hurting industries supplying to the automotive manufacturing industry group. · A third of industry participants are estimated to employ 500 individuals or less, qualifying these companies for federally-backed Paycheck Protection Program loans. Note: The content in this report is currently being updated to reflect the trends outlined above.

8.3. Competition

8.3.1. NECAL Branded Products – Print Industry o 3M o FLEXcon o MACtac o Adcem

8.3.2. Contract Coating Services o Adhesive Research o Coating & Converting Technologies (CCT) o FLEXcon o Brady Coated Products o Precision Coatings, Inc o Rayven, Inc o Duraco • The Adhesive Tape Manufacturing industry is anticipated to experience a 24.5% decline in industry revenue in 2020 alone due to global economic slowdowns and interruptions in international trade. • Demand for industry products is anticipated to decline due to decreases in business activity and corporate profit. Also, the construction and manufacturing sectors are anticipated to experience an adverse effect and slow down operations, further limiting demand for industry products. • Industry profit is also anticipated to experience a decline due to the volatility in input costs and decrease in manufacturing capacity as operators contend with social distancing guidelines.

8.3.3. Fabricators o Coating & Converting Technologies (CCT) o Gaska Tape o Avery Dennison o Shurtape Specialty Coating o MACtac o Berry Global o Duraco

8.4. List Development

8.4.1. List from Necal

8.4.2. Raw list

8.4.3. Call ist

8.4.4. MRO