UFO Currencies and Indicators

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UFO Currencies and Indicators by Mind Map: UFO Currencies and Indicators

1. Mona

1.1. Weaves all the apps together

1.2. Sponsors a toroidal flow

1.3. Blue Lotus coin

1.3.1. Sexual healing

1.4. One currency

1.4.1. Together Coin?

1.4.2. Blue Lotus Coin?

1.5. Connects to Togetherland tokens

1.6. Connected to Devorah's Loom structure

1.6.1. Four elements

1.7. Rewards progress

1.7.1. Yin and yang elements Acknowledges both embodiment and manifestation

1.8. Establishes coherence

1.8.1. Balances therefore yin/yang gives you a Together coin

1.9. Connection between alchemy - relationship between development and manifestation and Mother Fund

1.10. Devorah alchemy pieces

1.11. They are meta currencies

1.11.1. tailored to your own needs

1.12. Sacred Capital connection

2. Andrea

2.1. Organomic perspective

2.2. UFO macro living being flowing energy

2.3. Interplay between yin and yang

2.4. As we create balance and release blocks create more coherence and qi

2.5. Reflected by a coin, not sure yet

2.6. Apply at all levels, functions as signals/indicators

2.7. Track health and harmony as definition of value and success

3. Juan Carlos

3.1. How good of a co-creator you are

3.2. Could be connected to currencies

3.3. Inner and outer paths important

3.4. Envision in small groups that could achieve high levels of trust and coherence

3.5. How can weave immune system of the community

3.6. Healing process of the person

3.7. Tools to support healing of groups