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Chemistry Scientific Tests (GCSE) by Mind Map: Chemistry Scientific Tests (GCSE)
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Chemistry Scientific Tests (GCSE)

Thermal Decomposition

Copper Carbonate and Zinc Carbonate are heated

Distinctive colour change

Copper Carbonate - Goes BLACK

Zinc Carbonate - Goes YELLOW

Metal ions

Add sodium hydroxide to metal ion

Aluminium - WHITE prec.

Calcium - WHITE prec.

Magnesium - WHITE prec.

Copper - BLUE prec.

Iron (II) - GREEN prec.

Iron (III) - BROWN prec.

Flame Test

Identify Metal Ions

1) dip nichrome wire in hydrochloric acid to clean.

2)Dip in the compund.

Put in bunsen flame.

Apple Green - BARIUM


Carbonates react with dilute acids

Form carbon dioxide (CO2)

Turn limewater milky

Sulfate Ions

Barium Chloride Soljution added

WHITE prec.

Ammonium Ions

Add sodium hyroxide

Ammonia gas given off

Turns damp litmus paper BLUE

Nitrate Ions

Reduced by aluminium powder

Ammonia gas given off

Damp litmus paper BLUE

Silver Nitrates

Produce Precipitates

Silver Chloride - WHITE prec.

Silver Bromide - CREAM prec.

Silver Iodide - YELLOW prec.

Organic Compunds

Solid organic compunds will BLACKEN or char (carbon being produced)

Saturated or Unsaturated? (use Bromine Water)