What happened in the 19th century?

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What happened in the 19th century? by Mind Map: What happened in the 19th  century?

1. Joseph Gayetty invented toilet paper in 1857.

1.1. Gayetty was born in Massachusetts USA, and worked in New York

2. Another inventions

2.1. The telephone, which allowed people to communicate over long distances

2.2. . The modern light bulb

2.3. Photography

2.4. Braille printing.

3. Alfred Nobel

3.1. He invented dynamite in 1867.

3.2. He studied in Russia, excelling in the study of chemistry.

3.3. He experimented with different elements, eventually inventing not only dynamite but other explosives, was well

4. Why do humans use money?

4.1. After that, around 400 BC, the Greeks began to use salt as currency.

4.2. Between 700 and 500 BC, India and China began to use coins.

5. Capitalism

5.1. Use your money, or capital, to create even more money. The better you are at making your money grow, the more money you have. You can even become very wealthy. It depends on how you invest your money.

5.2. Capitalism as we know it really started during the Industrial Revolution around 1760 in England, and got much worse after the Second Industrial Revolution in 1870.

6. Nobel Prize

6.1. Nobel Prize began in 1901 and is given every year to leaders in various fields of science and literature.