Improve the prevention of pollution caused by human activities

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Improve the prevention of pollution caused by human activities by Mind Map: Improve the prevention of pollution caused by human activities

1. Theme 1 : going deeply into the case of the nature

1.1. Key words : wildlife and flora

1.2. Sources : movies, videos

1.2.1. Avatar, James Cameron Using the nature with flora and wildlife to develop cities out of pollution and human disorder. Link to a project of building a Pandora world into our world like a new city

1.2.2. The Figaro Trying to reduce forest fires caused by climate changing because of the human pollution. Example of Californie fires in Septembre of 2020

1.2.3. An Inconvenient Truth, Davis Guggenheim Trying to protect the animals who could be the last of their species. Example of polar bears

2. Theme 2 : going deeply into the case of the cities

2.1. Key words : green cities, environmental transport

2.2. Sources : my own city and my way of life

2.2.1. The city of Paris, France Organization of more than one thousand kilometers of bicycle paths. That leads to an increase of Parisian using their bikes or the city bikes to move in the capital city, reducing the pollution by not using their cars. Creation of a urban farmhouse on top of the Museum of "Parc des Expositions" That insists people to farm their own product and to decrease the pollution caused the use of insecticides.

3. Theme 3 : learning more about industries

3.1. Key words : transportations, Greentech

3.2. Sources : articles, Google data

3.2.1. Huge slick in Mauritius, September of 2020 Trying to remplace the supertankers full of fuel with more ecological ways, in order to reduce the pollution caused by the human, which destroy the oceans. Companies like Total are developing new supertankers using LNG (liquefied natural gas).

3.2.2. Looking for planes not using fuel The invention of Solar Impulse, flying with the solar activity. Solar Impulse - Best of First Round-the-World Solar Flight, Hawaii - San Francisco

3.2.3. The increase of electrical cars Big companies like Tesla are promoting electrical cars to inciting people to pollute less when they drive. In January 2020, Tesla sales increased of 40% because people who can afford it begin to understand that they have the same confort with more security and polluting less. Others companies are developing hybrid cars It is a good step to reduce the pollution caused by cars.

3.2.4. Greentech, the new fashion industries Using renewable energies like wind power, water power, solar energy, even if the industries don't change their way of life. Reducing so much the pollution.

4. Theme 4 : broadening the research to the states

4.1. Key words : working from home, state organizations

4.2. Sources : current plague

4.2.1. Because of COVID19, most of the industries had to propose to their employees to work from home to avoid contact with each others. As people don't have to go to work, they pollute less, by not using their cars or planes. The atmospheric pollution decrease so much, especially in countries where the lockdown was for everyone.

4.2.2. Also, states are promoting the "green transportations". In France, after lockdown, the state paid 50€ if we wanted to repair our bike. Much more Parisians use a bike now When we buy an electrical car, the French state help us by giving us a "bonus" because we contribute to pollute less.

5. Theme 5 : broadening the research to space

5.1. Key word : future planet

5.2. Source : Wall-E, Andrew Stanton

5.2.1. That is a huge provocation of the human consequences on Earth : because of the pollution caused by human activities, they leave the Earth to explore the Space and find another planet to live in, which is not (yet) polluted by humans. Maybe only robots will be able to live in Earth later because of the pollution we are causing. Wall-E - Extrait 7 I Disney

6. Theme 6 : widening my knowledge to particular subjects

6.1. Key words : fashion

6.2. Source : Fashion Week 2020

6.2.1. What if the fashion was the new way to encourage to reduce pollution ? Kevin Germanier during the PFW 2020 showed his new collection using recycled clothes to express the necessity to pollute less. Human small activities like recycling clothes can be very useful to decrease the pollution we live in.