Ensure women’s full and effective participation in leadership at all levels of decision-making.

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Ensure women’s full and effective participation in leadership at all levels of decision-making. by Mind Map: Ensure women’s full and effective participation in leadership at all levels of decision-making.

1. What are SDGs ? What were the millenium goals ?

1.1. Were they achieved ?

2. Source : Learning Hub

2.1. First line : How is poverty defined and why is it important ?

2.2. First phase

2.2.1. Keywords used : poverty goal UN https://learninghub.em-lyon.com/EXPLOITATION/Default/search.aspx?SC=LHEMLBOOK&QUERY=gender+equality+desicion+making&QUERY_LABEL=#/Detail/(query:(Id:'position:%20SOLR/CATALOGUE_MONE-000007_OFFSET_0',Index:11,NBResults:67,PageRange:3,SearchQuery:(CloudTerms:!(),FacetFilter:%7B%7D,ForceSearch:!f,InitialSearch:!f,Page:1,PageRange:3,QueryGuid:'508fae72-194f-45e7-aeb7-01daa779b1cc',QueryString:'egalit%C3%A9%20des%20sexes%20ONU',ResultSize:10,ScenarioCode:LHEMLBOOK,ScenarioDisplayMode:display-standard,SearchLabel:'',SearchTerms:'egalit%C3%A9%20des%20sexes%20ONU',SessionGuid:a3a83b1f-3bd9-47dd-9cb1-d395ef812c2d,SortField:!n,SortOrder:0,TemplateParams:(Scenario:'',Scope:Default,Size:!n,Source:'',Support:''),UseSpellChecking:!n))) What I've learned : Poverty as major global problem, lot of people facing it and it is both well-known and hard to define. 17th of October : "The international day for the eradication of poverty". 1997-2006 : first UN decade for the eradication of poverty. 2008-2017: second decade Link :

2.3. First phase

2.3.1. keywords used : millenium goals and poverty

3. Source : Google

3.1. First phase

3.1.1. keywords : SDGs goals poverty Title : Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere Link : What I've learned : Decline in the number of extremely poor people from 36 per cent in 1990 to 10 per cent in 2015 BUT huge impact with COVID (!!). Economic fallout of the pandemic and global poverty might be increased by 8 of the global population ; COVID impact would rise poverty by 500 million people ; 10% of the population in extreme poverty today + existence of UN COVID-19 response and recovery fund

4. Source : TedX

4.1. First phase

4.1.1. keywords : tedX access to ressource poverty Title : What we're getting wrong in the fight to end hunger What I've learned : We need to rethink that way we see poverty and how we tackle it. It is good to have charities and volunteers and food distribution but for example in the US, charities have hindered from making progress. Key facts : " in the United States, nearly 40 million people experience hunger every single year, including more than 11 million children that go to bed hungry every night. Yet, we're wasting (...) than 80 billion pounds a year " Link :

5. Source : My courses from last year during my exchange year at the University of Edinburgh

5.1. First course : The introduction to sustainable development

5.1.1. What I've learned : IMPORTANCE OF PARTNERSHIPS: The UN Sustainable Development Goals rely heavily on the idea of partnerships (Goal #17). Partnerships are a polycentric approach to governance that bring together state and non-state actors to achieve change. They function through weak institutional arrangements at the intergovernmental level. The UN SDGs rely on an approach of governance through goals = not legally-binding, country-driven and grant substantial leeway to national choices and preferences. Source : Isabelle Darmon, Introduction to Sustainable Development, The University of Edinburgh

5.1.2. Keywords : TED X SDGs partnerships Link : Second link related

5.2. Third course : The Global Politics of Health

5.2.1. What I've learned : How health policy is increasingly being shaped beyond the level of the nation state, focusing on the changing roles of international organisations, the commercial sector and civil society. Globalisation has changed the way individuals and organisations operate. Importance of the World Bank, up to 80s : first disease-specific loans and poverty projects Keywords : the impact of globalisation on poverty Link : Title : The Impact of Globalisation on Poverty and Inequality in the Global South Work I've done : A commentary on GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance (I can send it if you want to take a look!)

5.3. Fourth course : Mapping health and illness across societies

5.3.1. What I've learned : In many parts of the world, poverty traps people in degraded environments and occupations that are harmful to their health, like the workers in Ecuador’s flower farms and gold mines, India’s stone quarries, or the slum dwellers in Kathmandu and Yaoundé.

5.3.2. Source : Ecohealth Research in Practice, Innovative Applications of an Ecosystem Aproach to Health by Dominique F. Charron

6. In a context of globalisation, the polycentric approach offered by partnerships is crucial. Indeed, they enable state and non-state actors (NGOs, civil society) to connect and act together to achieve positive change.

7. Goal n°5: Gender equality

8. Sustainable Development Goals