Present of family

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Present of family by Mind Map: Present of family

1. I have7 people in my family in saudi and the rest are at egypt.

2. I have 4 houses, 2 in egypt and 2 in saudi.

3. I love my family so much, that i don't think i will die.

4. We are so brave, so strong, and so smart that we help each other and other people.

5. I Omar creater of this map is 9 years my little brother adham is 6 years old and i know all the ages of my family.

6. My midterms started today at sunday october 15 when it's thursday and i am in delta schools.

7. Today i contine when it is October 19, monday, and i was plaaning to watch my favorite videos.

8. Today in english i'm taking a very intresting storyand it's called Elsia's Diary. I will be writing everyday about my day.

9. So today i just woke up and it's 11:04! What! 4 more hours and i start my sessions, and today i have a social midterm i don't know how will i bring full mark if i study for 4 hours.