THINKING PROCESS IN ICT (Noelia Calatayud Rollizo)

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THINKING PROCESS IN ICT (Noelia Calatayud Rollizo) by Mind Map: THINKING PROCESS IN ICT (Noelia Calatayud Rollizo)

1. Reflecting

1.1. I think about all information that I have recovered and how I can write it on my tumblr (

1.2. I usually write a description about the theory on my tumblr

1.3. Then I put some caracteristics and examples about the theory

1.4. Also I put some images taking from the Internet I usually use:

1.5. Sometimes when I don't understand well the concepts I see some videos on Youtube about the topic or also I look for some schemas on the Internet.

2. sharing

2.1. All my practices are put on my tumblr and I follow the tumblr of my friends too for share information and for seeing what they have thought about the theory and topics.

2.1.1. The tumblr that I follow are:




3. Reading

3.1. First I read the instructions in SACAI that Linda give to us

3.2. Then I take some notes in class about the explanations of Linda

3.3. when I went at home I look for information about the theory in some pages on the internet