Data Collection

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Data Collection by Mind Map: Data Collection

1. Before conducting

1.1. Whar is the target population?

1.2. Is the sample necessary?

1.3. How is the variable successful to be obtained? Through measurement or identifying

1.4. What is required for the scale measurement?

2. What is the source

2.1. Primary Data

2.1.1. Data that comes originally and may match with what we need . But disadvantages are costing and time consuming. It may also no be appropriate for longitudinal studies

2.1.2. Observation is one of the types for data collection . It can be conduct to identify the problem arise from people with product ,services and enviroment. The result can be jot down easily

2.1.3. Controlled Experiment can be used as cause and effect relationship

2.1.4. Survey is by solicits information towards the sample and can be used during election period or marketing survey

2.1.5. Interview can be conducted in many ways by using a traditional face to face or mail interview .By using the modern way is using telephone interview or computer associated interview

2.2. Secondary Data

2.2.1. Data that comes from secondary are normally through hard copies and soft copies . Advantages of saving cost and time ,longitudinal studies .But the disadvantages are not easy accessible and accuracy of data may not be perfect

2.2.2. Example : Newspaper , article , internet , reports

3. How many types are there

3.1. Descriptive is for describe populatino

3.2. Competitive is by comparing two or more population

3.3. Experimental is a method that intervenes to control conditions to look at relationship between variables.

3.4. Observation can used by collecting data from what we observe through our view