Dark side of text book

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Dark side of text book by Mind Map: Dark side of text book

1. Reading

1.1. First at all we read the documents that Linda gave to us.

1.2. The twitters of some teachers that are relationing with the ICT environment

1.3. Also we searched some educational person that are in favour with the text book in the schools

1.4. The forums that supports and criticize the use of textbooks

2. Reflecting

2.1. We use twitter to find people who argued in favor and against textbooks.

2.2. We made a criterion for selecting of the information we had obtained

2.3. Abstraction of the entire conversation in sentences of 140 characters

2.4. Ordered all the information and create a debate between all the people that we had found.

3. Sharing

3.1. We uploaded our work to the blog