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TPACK by Mind Map: TPACK

1. To read

1.1. Physical Milieu

1.1.1. We read the document which was provided to us Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge

1.1.2. We reread our class notes abour TPACK Theory

1.2. Virtual Milieu

1.2.1. Internet Web 2.0 We searched for some additional information from different resources Didactic Webpages Video Explanations We looked for some diagrams and images about TPACK in order to inspire our work Google Images Creative Commons Search

2. To Reflect

2.1. Physical Milieu

2.1.1. We put in common our class notes about TPACK Theory

2.1.2. We started to write some ideas about TPACK Pencil and Paper Handwritten Mindmap

2.1.3. We met and we decided how our explanation would be Cooperative and grupal work Making a poster about the most important points of TPACK Theory and also our reflections about this one

2.2. Virtual Milieu

2.2.1. We reflected some of our thoughts on the Internet Blogger El Pensamiento Ajeno's Blog Social Networks Not only reflecting but also interacting with friends about the matter

2.2.2. We also used writing tools in order to transcribe our main purposes OpenOffice Microsoft Office

2.2.3. We also reflected about videos and images which we had found on the Internet Youtube videos We reflected about the subject until the point we wrote comments in some videos sharing our point of view Flickr

3. To Share

3.1. Physical Milieu

3.1.1. The most part of TPACK Theory explanation was shared in the classroom TPACK Speed Dating

3.1.2. Grupal Work We shared our knowledge about TPACK through a poster which summarized our main points

3.2. Virtual Milieu

3.2.1. We shared our final project and explanation about TPACK Theory on our Blog Blogger El Pensamiento Ajeno's Blog

3.2.2. We also decided to share our work with some friends because we wanted to make that people know a little bit more about this matter Social Networks Tuenti Twitter Facebook