Sample ParnasaFest Marketing Campaign (DC)

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Sample ParnasaFest Marketing Campaign (DC) by Mind Map: Sample ParnasaFest  Marketing Campaign (DC)

1. Where

1.1. Web

1.1.1. PF Home page

1.1.2. Facebook

1.1.3. Twitter

1.1.4. Eventbrite

1.1.5. Local listservs Silver Spring listserv Kemp Mill listserv Warwick listserv

1.1.6. Sponsor's web sites

1.2. Places

1.2.1. All shuls in your city YISE KMS White Oak Woodside Chabad - Silver Spring Georgetown Chabad - DC??? Baltimore

1.2.2. Local Hillels Maryland George Washington Georgetown etc.

1.2.3. Local Jewish Businesses Citgo Ben Yehuda Shaul's Eli's Shalom's Max's Pastry Oven MacGruders Sienas Goldberg's

1.2.4. Extended Jewish community Businesses Baltimore

1.3. Publications

1.3.1. Synagogue Shabbos flyers

1.3.2. Local Jewish paper

1.3.3. Local Jewish monthly "ad book"

2. Who (Identify your target neighborhoods)

2.1. YISE

2.2. KMS

2.3. Woodside

2.4. White Oak

2.5. Georgetown

2.6. Baltimore?

2.7. Chabad - Silver Spring

2.8. Chabad - DC???

3. How

3.1. ParnasaFest home page

3.1.1. Video and link to EventBrite page

3.2. EventBrite

3.2.1. Put link in all marketing

3.2.2. Ticketing

3.2.3. Allows the saving of the event

3.3. YouTube Videos

3.3.1. Explanation of PF

3.3.2. Personal video for DC area? Placement PF DC home page Eventbrite page Facebook page

3.4. Facebook Event page

3.4.1. Directs traffic to EventBrite page

3.4.2. email people who confirm on FB to go to EventBrite

3.5. Twitter

3.5.1. Message the Jewish DC network

3.5.2. create small URL points to eventbrite

3.5.3. Hosts accounts put on PF event page put on eventbrite page put on FB page Use to promote event

3.5.4. Create tweet for event

3.5.5. Other twitter accounts Find influencers in the area who will help promote the event

3.6. Evite?

3.7. Flier

3.7.1. PDF with links