Early American Period

Andrés F López, 2020.

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Early American Period by Mind Map: Early American Period

1. Native Americans

1.1. Definitions

1.1.1. Oral literature: orally transmitted myths, legends, tales and song lyrics.

1.2. Characteristics

1.2.1. - They were orally transmitted

1.2.2. - Reverence to nature & physical mother

1.3. Examples

1.3.1. - Lyrics, chants, myths, fairy tales, humorous anecdotes, incantations, riddles, proverbs, epics, and legendary histories.

1.3.2. The tale of Manabozho, the hero (trickster) from the Ojibwa tribe.

2. Colonialism

2.1. Definitions

2.1.1. - Puritan definition of good writing: bringing home awareness and importance of God’s will

2.2. Characteristics

2.2.1. - Very academic (religious) - First written texts - Citing of the Bible - New England as a host of new types of texts - identity - Southern Colonies - trend of “the gentleman”

2.3. Examples

2.3.1. - Complex metaphysical poetry to homely journals - Bradford records first document of colonial self-governance - Anne Bradstreet, woman who publishes first American book (poetry) - Political theory by Samual Sewall