Snakes and Ladders

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Snakes and Ladders by Mind Map: Snakes and Ladders

1. To Read

1.1. Reading process is really succint since the whole activity was remited to a document from we had to extract information and to make questions

1.1.1. Physical Milieu There was no document or element which crontibuted to the reading process in a "physical way"

1.1.2. Virtual Milieu Internet Web 2.0 Sakai UM

2. To Reflect

2.1. Physical Milieu

2.1.1. The majority of people used pencil and papel to write first reflects about the activity and to start thinking about the questions

2.1.2. After reading the document individually, we decided to divide the task by questions and topics Later, we put in common our questions and we selected those which were the best

2.1.3. Our reflections were materializated in 24 handwritten cards

2.2. Virtual Milieu

2.2.1. We reflected some of our thoughts on the Internet Blogger (in the current case one of the members [Juan] was also part of Hakuna Matateros group so the reflection about the task is on both blogs) El Pensamiento Ajeno's Blog Hakuna Matateros' Blog

2.2.2. Writing Tools After the first reflection we decided to start making questions and, therefore, in order to avoid grammar mistakes we used technological tools OpenOffice Microsoft Office

2.2.3. Social Networks We also made reference to the activity which we were dealing with on social networks Tuenti Twitter Facebook

3. To Share

3.1. Physical Milieu

3.1.1. We shared our knowledge about the task through making 24 cards which would contain our questions

3.2. Virtual Milieu

3.2.1. We also shared the activity in a "virtual way" making a post about what we had done and also enclosing the list of questions which we had to review from Laws and Structure topic Blogger El Pensamiento Ajeno's Blog Hakuna Matateros' Blog

3.2.2. Social Networks We did not share the activity directly to friends through social networks but we made reference that we had won the second prize of a SOyER activity from our degree Social Networks