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Female Consorts by Mind Map: Female Consorts
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Female Consorts


Goddess of Wealth

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth.  Lakshmi is Vishnu's consort.  She is always wearing a red Sari, with coins coming out of two of her hands, symbolizing the material blessings that she gives.  Her other two hands hold lotus flowers, to remind people that  her greatest gifts are spiritual, not material.  She is incapable of punishing anyone, the opposite of her husband Vishnu.



Sarasvati is the muse in Hinduism, and she is still worshiped, even though she is one of the oldest goddesses.  Sarasvati is Brahma's wife.  Hindu musicians chant to her before they perform.  Sarasvati is always portrayed in white, the color of pure illumination.  She has four hands, and holds a book in one, a rosary in another, and a vina with two hands(an Indian instrument that looks like a sitar).



Shakti is the personification of divine feminine power.


Shakti is exhibited in the consorts of the three main gods.  Whenever the god takes the form of an avatar, Shakti is always there as a guide and a driving force to guide them in the form of a female companion.  The godesses are always the opposite of the god in their personality, so they balance out the traits and energy of the god.


Divine Wife and Mother

Parvati is the divine wife and mother.  She is the consort of Shiva.  There are many different forms that she becomes as she stays with Shiva.  She is also the mother of Ganesha.  She is the gentle form of the mother goddess.

Story of Parvati and Shiva

Parvati was determined to marry Shiva, she sat in a forest and swore that she would not ever stop focusing on him until he apeared before her.  She said, "If my mind should waver, may I lose him forever.!"  She sat for a very long time, and finally, Shiva pratended to be a child calling for help.  When she went to help the child, Shiva came before her and told her that she had proved fit to be his wife.  They were then happily married.




Festival of Durga

Navratri is a festival spanning 9 nights and 10 days that celebrates Durga.  The three Navratri festivals are Sharad Navaratri, Vasant Navaratri, and Ashada Navaratri.  Sharad Navaratri is the most popular festival and it is celebrated in the end of fall or the beginning of winter.  Vasant Navaratri is celebrated in the beginning of summer, and Ashada Navaratri is celebrated at the end of summer.  Navratri celebrates nine of the forms of Durga or Parvati.


Festival of Lights

Diwali is an 18 day festival that celebrates the autumn and the harvest.  Diwali is dedicated to three goddesses, Lakshmi, Kali, and Sarasvati.  The two days before Diwali celebrate Lakshmi, the day before celebrates Kali, and Diwali celebrates Sarasvati.  The day after Diwali is the new year, and the celebration fo the return of Rama from exile.



Shaktism is a denomination of Hinduism in which Shakti, the goddesses, are regarded as the supreme being.  Shaktism is one of the three main denominations of Hinduism.  In Shaktism, Shakti is the source of creation and the energy that keeps it in order.