My 5-year plan

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My 5-year plan by Mind Map: My 5-year plan

1. I will be traveling with my daughter to Paris, we will be visiting the Eiffel Tower.

2. I will having my own house in Xalapa and we will be very happy with my daughter.

3. I will be having a cabin where I will be spending the holidays with my daughter.

4. I will be climbing the highest mountain in the world.

5. I will be buying a dog for my nephew's 5th birthday.

6. I will be buying a red car with which I can move from one place to another.

7. I will be planning my daughter's XV party.

8. I will be visiting my uncle Guillermo in Houston and practice my English

9. I will having a greenhouse with many succulents.

10. I will having another baby his name will be Sebastian