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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. Definition

1.1. Intelligence is the ability of children to learn about, learn from, understand, and interact with their environment. This ability includes: The capacity of knowledge and the ability to acquire it. The capacity to adapt to new environments or to changes within one environment. The capacity for original and productive thought. The capacity for reason and abstract thought. The ability to comprehend relationships. The ability to evaluate and judge.

2. Measuring Intelligence

2.1. Measuring intelligence is usually to identify children with special needs, such as children who are gifted of children who have mental retardation.

3. Ways to Measure

3.1. IQ test, or Teacher's observations.

4. How Children Acquire Intelligence?

4.1. Children learn how to be flexible with their academic and social skills, and be sensitive to other people. They learn how to use advanced oral skills, such as sophisticated vocabulary and colorful speech. They learn how to process new information quickly, and find relationships among diverse ideas. They gain the ability to solve challenging problems, use sophisticated learning strategies, and apply previously learned strategies in new situations.