Lord of the Flies: Chapter 4

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Lord of the Flies: Chapter 4 by Mind Map: Lord of the Flies: Chapter 4

1. Piggy and his specs

1.1. Piggy

1.1.1. relationship with Jack Piggy and Jack get into a fight about how Jack let the fire go out and Jack ends up breaking Piggy's glasses Jack doesn't treat Piggy with respect and calls him "Fatty" and is constantly telling him to shut up

1.1.2. relationship with Ralph Piggy thinks that him and Ralph are starting to build a relationship when in reality Ralph was just mocking him Ralph treats Piggy disrespectfully even though Piggy is the only person who has an actual chance of surviving because of his ability to come up with ideas

1.2. Piggy's specs

1.2.1. he needs them to see he loses the ability to see whenever the boys take his specs to start the fire, his control, his power although it is only for a short period of time, during the time that Piggy has his specs taken away, he feels completely powerless and helpless, and is desperate to have them back

1.2.2. the boys need them to start the fire Jack breaks the specs Jack and Piggy are arguing about how Jack didn't keep the fire going like he promised, and it turns violent when Jack hits Piggy - Piggy's specs fly into some rocks and he realizes that one of the sides is broken starting the fire is important because: the fire is what creates the smoke that would alert any passing ships that somebody lives there and needs help fire is necessary to cook food fire is an important heat source for them

2. rescue

2.1. Ralph sees smoke from a ship passing by the island

2.1.1. he rushes to go to the top of the mountain to make sure that the ship can see their smoke and will turn back to rescue them, but midway through his sprint up the mountain, he realizes that he needs to make a decision go back and get Piggy's specs just in case the fire is dead, but risk the ship having already left keep moving up the mountain and just hope that the fire is still burning Ralph chooses to keep moving up the mountain because he doesn't want the ship to leave without seeing his smoke and the ship is already almost too far gone

3. Roger throws stones

3.1. Roger threw stones in a circle at least 3 yards away from/around Henry.

3.1.1. "Round the squatting child was the protection of parents an school and policemen and the law. Roger's arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him and was in ruins" (Golding 62). Roger throws the stones because he knows that he can, and that there's nobody that will try to stop him and tell him it's wrong. Roger makes sure not to hit Henry, because he has grown up his entire life being told not to do certain things, and that doing those things would get him in trouble. However, since the rule for bad actions is not being reinforced, Roger will soon realize that there are no consequences to him doing bad actions like this, and when he does finally realize this, he might actually hurt someone.

3.1.2. Henry tries to see who is throwing the stones but Roger immediately goes back behind the tree to hide. Roger doesn't want to be seen because he knows that what he's doing is wrong, so he doesn't want the rest of the group to know that we was intentionally doing bad things. If Henry saw him and told someone then he could potentially receive some sort of punishment from Ralph or Jack.

4. Jack kills a pig

4.1. Jack gathers his chorus to surround a pig in a ring and essentially trap the pig.

4.1.1. "'I cut the pig's throat,' said Jack, proudly, and yet twitched as he said it" (Golding 69). Jack is proud of himself for finally being able to catch the pig, but he knows deep down that it felt wrong to do so. Jack is slowly losing his morality in an effort to look tough. Jack's values: physical strength meat/hunting

5. technology

5.1. Piggy comes up with the legitimate idea of creating a sundial so that they can tell time on the island but Ralph makes fun of him and his idea.

5.1.1. Piggy is considered an outsider and different from the other biguns because of his fat, asthma, specs, accent, wit, and inability to accomplish manual labor the biguns will soon realize that their only chance of survival is through Piggy's knowledge