The Real-World Impact of Woodcutting in Old School RuneScape

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The Real-World Impact of Woodcutting in Old School RuneScape by Mind Map: The Real-World Impact of Woodcutting in Old School RuneScape

1. Abstract

1.1. This paper looks at the process of achieving a maximum woodcutting level within the game Old School RuneScape and looks at the potential effects if these actions occurred in real life.

2. Background

2.1. Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a multiplayer online role-playing game.

2.1.1. There are around 100,000 concurrent players in 2019.

2.1.2. One of the core gameplay mechanics is the player’s ability to train various skills leading to experience gain, levelling up, and unlocking new content.

2.2. Within the game, the skill of woodcutting involves the use of an axe to cut different trees to obtain their respective logs.

2.2.1. By progressing in woodcutting level, the player sequentially unlocks different types of trees which subsequently give more experience.

2.3. In the real world, the act of clear-cutting trees within forests destroys potential habitats within ecosystems, degrades nutrient levels within the soil, and increases risk of landslides and floods.

3. Results

3.1. The amount of experience needed to achieve the maximum level in any skill in OSRS is 13,034,431.

3.1.1. The experience needed to attain subsequent levels grows exponentially.

3.1.2. As of 20th February 2019, there are 37,159 players with level 99 woodcutting in OSRS.

3.2. Within teak tree plantations, a single tree usually occupies an area of 9 m2.

3.2.1. As such, the area of teak trees cut in real life by a single player on a plantation to achieve level 99 woodcutting is 172,224 m2.

3.3. the total amount of trees needed for 37,159 players to achieve level 99 woodcutting is approximately 14.7% of the total area covered by teak tree plantations in 2012.

3.3.1. The amount of carbon dioxide removed per hectare of plantation teak tree is approximately 72.54 tons for teak trees with a 10-year lifespan.

4. Discussion

4.1. It is calculated that 711,074,624 teak trees would need to be cut in real life for 37,159 players to reach level 99 woodcutting is OSRS.

4.1.1. Multiplying this total number by the area occupied by a single tree, this number of teak trees would cover an area of 6,399,671,616 m2.

4.2. Assuming all the carbon that was stored in teak trees is then re-released into the atmosphere, this would be the equivalent of adding 1,009,200 passenger vehicles onto roads for 10 years, or 3.2% of the total amount of the cars registered in the UK in 2018.

4.3. These actions would surely contribute to the current issues of global warming.

5. Conclusion

5.1. The number of teak trees that would need to be cut in real life to reach the highest level was calculated for a single player to be 19,136.

5.2. Further studies may consider creating a more accurate model, as many OSRS accounts that possess level 99 woodcutting have more than the 13,034,431 exp necessary, since the maximum experience is capped at 200,000,000.