Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Civilizations by Mind Map: Ancient Civilizations

1. Egypt

1.1. they collected taxes from there farmers

1.2. Egyptian people used hieroglyphics.

1.3. Egypt’s people developed in a river valley with rich soil witch helped them farm

2. Indus

2.1. its possible to know for sure what kind of government Indus had because of lack of info

2.2. we have not yet discovered how to read the symbols found on the stone seals and pottery of the Indus Valley.

2.3. there was a flood in there river witch gave them very rich soil

3. Sumeria

3.1. some military leaders became the first kings of Sumeria.

3.2. in the start they drew pictographs on clay.

3.3. they had very rich soil and had a gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Shang

4.1. The Shang did not use an alphabet for their written words they did things diffrently

4.2. By 1300 B.C., the Shang had a fully developed alphabet

4.3. most of China is covered by very rough mountains and huge deserts