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Englisch 12/13 Abi by Mind Map: Englisch 12/13 Abi
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Englisch 12/13 Abi

American Dream


decent and affordable housing

succes, hard work, education, you can reach anything you want, from dishwasher to millionäre

sceptical of governmental interference


equality, Sexual, racial

freedom, individual, religious, new Canaan, Puritans, Mormons, Amish

social mobility, realize full potential, regardless of ethnic/social background

pursuit of happiness

better life

pioneer mentality

moving west

new frontiers, sience, technology, space travel, political & social reforms


manifest destiny

The Uk

the EC/ EU

advantages, get EU subsidies, support welfare system, have a greater influence on Eu decisions, use european fleixiblity, improve terms, common market, better trade conditions, will be affected by the european economy anyway

disadvantages, right to rule ourselves, freedom is resticted by EU, make the prices on their own


shaping factors of today, Europe, end of empire, independence of former colonies, international business, globalization, divisions withen the UK, get more power on their own

british empire, colonies, trade, naval supremacy

Margaret Thatcher, industry decline, open market, globalization, tight US relation, Eu sceptical

british identity

multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, attractive to multinatinal companies, enriches lifestyle

immigrants, from former colonies (commonwealth), postwar reconstruction, Indians, Pakistani, Hongkong, economic expansion, needs workers, legal immigration, better than illegal immigration, Eu: Poles, Neue Idee

pluralism of ancestors, vikings, romans, Anglo-Saxons



Sonnet 130, My Mistress' Eyes are nothing like the sun, parody of conventional love sonnets by e. g. Petrach, no grandiose metaphors, no friendly (false) comparisons, realistis, uses metaphors against themselves, thinks his love a rare

Sonnet 18, shall i compare thee to a summers day, transition, fading beauty, eternity, you live through your poetry

Sonnet 116, defines love through negatives, love doesnt alter, leads the way, doenst fade with beauty

modern poetry

Grass by Carl Sandburg, oblivion of war, "Grass", personified, metaphor of oblivion, human desire to forget, after all interest in cruel past

"America" by Claude Mckay, ambiguous patriotism, America treats the lyrical I badly, pessimist of future, civilization will decline

"Remember" by C. G: Rossetti, saying goodbye, lost future


Sonnet, 3 quartrains, 1 couplet



low costs of production, lower wages, cheap, available raw material, freindly governemntal rules

cheap transport

fast communication

trade liberalisation

flexible capital


outsourcing, global talent pool, lower wages

environmental destruction, rain forest, poor countries have not to impend environmental rules to stay attractive for companies

bad working conditions, low wages, fair trade, code of conduct

multinational cooperations

cultural/ethnic mixture

American Nightmare?


Pushcart peddlers, wrong promises about advantages of capitalism, competition, cooperation, cornelius takes shimmel to the cleaners, pretention, names, change, Maggie laughs at him, with new name:, Maggie repects him, Maggie, presents herself as a singer/ dancer, is a flower girl, is praised by Shimmel, hasnt got talent, Cornelius' "experience", arrived one day before

American Beauty, succes, Carolyns job at real estate, Lesters Job, takes job at McDonalds, pretention, Franks homophobia, Angelas sexual attraction, is virgin, Lesters and Carolyns marriage, consequences of pretention, Ricky takes drugs, Carolny starts an affair with her competitor, Franks wife is stoned, Lester is shoot, dies happy because he has rejected all pretention

loans, you look rich but you are not, your life is only lent


economic problems


gap between rich and poor

education luxury good

social mobility ist restricted

did not come true

a raisin in the sun



Dystopia, bad place, doenst exist, will maybe happen, evolved society, in future, criticism at current system, warning

Utopia, Criticism at current system, suggestion of a better system, evolved society, in an "elsewhere", in future, doesnt exist, will probably NOT happen, good place

The time machine, pursuit to experience a bette life for mankind, first seems to be a Utopia, then becomes a dystopia

genetic engineering

stem cell research, ttherapeutic cloning, unethical?, abortion, war, stem cells: left overs from artificial fertilization, would be destroyed anyway

reproductive engineering, unethical

embyros, human beings?, human rights?, sentient

designer baby, fears, genetic caste system, makes us similar, no physical diversity, no physical inferiority, no discrimination?, parents choose personality traits for their children, why this isnt possible, genetic makeup, very rugh estimations, behavioural genetics, single genes, multiple effetcs, interact, intermediate values, Neue Idee

advantages, new tissues, cursing illnesses

global warming

an inconvenient truth

Al Gore, business man


winter rain

rise in sea levels

rise in temperatures

biodiversity in danger

taxes on aviation